Monday, January 19, 2015


Here's a little peek into our last week and a half.  Abigail dressed herself to go to the doctor.  Bless it. 
Before school

Waiting for Dee and Papa
Fun with raspberries
Abigail's first lego man
I had a reason for this picture
The start of a fabulous week

My last update on the OSU game until the morning when I got the news!

The cardigan Dee got her for Christmas

A treat for a great day
More good week
MORE good week

A flower or grass or a stick
A treat for the first week of 100% FIVE days in a row.  This was one proud girl, folks.


Passed out, booty in the air



Mavs game!
Kid to kid

Saturday at the library

Our next round
Sunday School lunch
Sunday School lunch in the hat she wore all through Sunday School




Snack in the hat
Dinner in the hat
Bed time in the hat


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