Thursday, January 29, 2015

Jump for Fun!

 Hudson and Lily Tate had their birthday parties at Jump for Fun last Saturday night.  It was a PJ Party, but Abigail wore a 'Party Dress'.  Again, I have completely given up.  She wears what she wears.  I have bigger fish to fry with that one. 

 They had a great time.  The big slide is their favorite which is just fine with me.  Bounce houses give me the willies. 

 Kelli made the cakes!

 In other news, Abigail built a slide in the playroom and eventually figured out to not place it where she would slide into heavy pieces of furniture. 
 She did get ice cream again last Friday.  It was PJ day at school and we went straight from school, so...

Alas, she will not be getting ice cream tomorrow.  Two 100% weeks in a row clearly did her in. 

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