Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The End of the Break

I was going to make some attempt to organize these pictures, but that didn't win out, so here is the last few days in a big of a jumble.
We had a wonderful break with the kids.  We had so much quality time and did so may fun things.  It was sad to see it ending, but I know getting back to the routine will be good for everyone.  This picture is Abigail on Saturday night doing a Search and Find book that Grandma Sheri bought Aaron in Florida.  Both kids love it.  They also got activity books in Florida that they wee eaten up with so they got several more for Christmas.  They keep very busy with them!

This was a Facebook testimonial from someone who bought the Crock Pot Planner Julie and I made.  It generated a lot of response and we are about to publish 100 more (we've already sold and delivered 100 and have 20 on a waiting list).  We just look at each other and laugh some crazy laugh and Julie sends me a few texts a day that say, "I can't believe it!".


On Saturday we went to Bass Pro to use a gift card that Jory got for Christmas





Then we went to the Galleria before they took down Christmas and we took the kids to the Lego Exhibit.
The tallest indoor Christmas Tree in America

We ate at Ghengis Grill and it was so fun.  Aaron surprised us with what he made and he ate every bite.  (He put pineapple in his noodles).


On Sunday we had Worship Care in Abigail's Class
And then I worked on pictures for her birthday party invitation


I still swoon when she wears this coat.  She wore it to school today.



On Monday we met Laura and the boys at Chuck E Cheese.  We were sad that the toddler play area was gone, but the big kids loved the new Speed Way.





Kensley and Ryleigh ended up there with their Grammy because Mandi had in-service day and they were so excited to see Aaron and Abigail!


That evening we got ice cream in Southlake Town Square as our last Hurrah of vacation






Abigail spent most of the Chuck E Cheese time riding this horse.



We also ran into the Alfords!  It was Aubrey's last hurrah as an only child!
Back to school today!

And Julie came over for our monthly ritual.  Which I posted on facebook.  Which also generated more interest in our book!  Hilarious!

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