Saturday, August 31, 2013

Get Acquainted Day

Abby starts "school" this week.  She's in the same type of pre-preschool program that Aaron was in at this age.
It's at the church where she went for MDO a couple of hours a week last year. It's two days a week and will be more of a "preschool" structure.
They had Get Acquainted Day yesterday so that the kids could meet their teacher and each other.
This is Miss Michelle.  I love her!
There are seven kids in Abby's class.  They are all girls. So Abby had free reign over the cars.  She lined every single one up while those other girls were finding the princess stuff.

Swim is in session

 Swim started up again this week.

 It's hard to get pictures of Aaron because I'm not in the pool area with him (and starting in January I won't be with Abby, either).
 But both kids did great.  I got them in classes with the teachers they had last semester.  I really like both of them.

Friday, August 30, 2013

First Week of School

Aaron had a great first week of school!
The above picture is Sunday Night.  We went to a special family dinner at Cotton Patch. We still had free kids meals from the summer reading program at the library. The picture below is just after waking up on the first day of school.  It was such a big deal and Aaron was so excited.
Ready to go.  He wore a read polo shirt because that's what he's worn every year on his first day of "school" (MDO).  I'll keep the trend going if I can.

Sister wore cheerleaders to cheer her Bubby on!
I about died when he turned around and I saw my big kid walking with a backpack on his back.
He went right in and put his things up and got settled.  Abby missed him so much while he was gone and we were so excited to pick him up.  When I saw the first kid being led out at the end of the day my heart started fluttering.  I have a friend who teaches across the hall from Aaron.  Since all the Pre-K and Kindergarten classes do lunch and recess together she sees him quite a bit.  She came to my car at pick up and said he was a little apprehensive but he liked it when she talked to him and he did fine.
Day Two.  I walked him in again, but Daddy didn't go.  Aaron did great.
Jacqueline said he was more comfortable.  He told me about songs they sang and going to science.  But the playground was the best part both days.

Abby played all by herself in the playroom while he was gone.  It was the first time she got complete control over what she played with and how she did it.
Day Three.  We did the drop off line today.  It didn't go exactly how we'd expected, but he did fine and his teacher said he came in just fine.
Day Four.  He was really settling in and enjoying school.  He was telling us a little more and knew the names of some of his friends.  We had to go back in the afternoon for his assessment which he really enjoyed.

Day Five.  All the Dragons wear green on Fridays during football season.
We had drop off line figured out a little better by now.
We have been really impressed with the first week of school.  The entire staff has been great and Aaron has done a fantastic job.  He is liking it a lot.  Abby and I are getting adjusted to the routine.  It was a little chaotic this week because Aaron had half days and Abby had dance and they had swim and he has assessment and there was a lot of running around and back and forths that we aren't used to, but everything went really well.

Fire Station!

 Our neighbor is a fire fighter which works out really well for our budding fireman.  He told Aaron he could come to work with him.
 It was sooo fun.  We got a great tour, got up in the truck and got to play with toy fire trucks.
 Alex was really impressed with all the terminology Aaron knows.
He works a bit far from the house but has applied at a station SUPER close.  I'm not sure he's aware how much he will see up if he gets that job!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Weekend

This weekend wrapped up our month of fun with days 30 and 31. It was a sweet family weekend.
 On Saturday morning the kids tried on their Halloween costumes.  Random, but I am starting to see costumes and I wanted to make sure we were good.
 Then the kids went to the park with Jory.  They both rode their bikes all the way there and back.  And Aaron rode all by himself around the park.
 While they were gone Julie dropped off this chair that her mom found at a garage sale!  It's a Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair with a monogrammed cover.  These chairs are so great and SO expensive.  I can't believe she stumbled on this.  It's in perfect condition.  Abby is so proud of her chair.
 Saturday night our Sunday School class had a Back to School Pool Party at the Weston's. We had so much fun and I loved seeing my kids with my friends feeling so comfortable and at home.
 Sunday Morning we headed to church.
 Abby was proud of her frilly socks and new shoes.  Both are courtesy of Katie Grace.  Julie said no one appreciates a frilly sock the way Abby does.

 It was promotion Sunday and Aaron is no longer in Worship Care.

 He goes to Big Church with us!
 I was so proud of my Big Boy!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Meet the Teacher

On Friday Morning we had Aaron's Meet the Teacher Day. Abby was super excited, too!
I really kept stalling on going because I am so unprepared for him to actually be in school but he is ready and excited.
It was a really good morning and I love his teacher.

She graduated with Mandi and Julie
The classroom was great

Aaron is in Pre-K at the Elementary School so he will eat in the cafeteria, play on the play ground and do all kinds of big things.  We are excited for him and he has been talking about this for months.
This was pretty much our day of fun for day 29 because afterwards we met Tara at Southlake Town Square for some errands and that mostly wrapped up the day.
But I did order pizza that night which Aaron has been begging me to do for, like, ever.  So that made it a pretty cool day of fun.

Thirty-one Days of Fun, Day 28

Thursday August 22, 2013
This was the BEST day of fun all summer!
 We went to see Daddy at work!

 We got to meet everyone and see all the facilities (it's a really nice place with a gym and lots of kitchens and stuff).
 Then we picked up food from Freebirds (a fave!) on site and ate in the covered outdoor area.
 It was so fun!

 The kids ran around the grassy parts after lunch

 And we got fun treats to take home.
 Aaron has been asking to do this and when we got in the car to leave he said, "that was really fun.  Thank you so much for taking us."