Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Weekend

This weekend wrapped up our month of fun with days 30 and 31. It was a sweet family weekend.
 On Saturday morning the kids tried on their Halloween costumes.  Random, but I am starting to see costumes and I wanted to make sure we were good.
 Then the kids went to the park with Jory.  They both rode their bikes all the way there and back.  And Aaron rode all by himself around the park.
 While they were gone Julie dropped off this chair that her mom found at a garage sale!  It's a Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair with a monogrammed cover.  These chairs are so great and SO expensive.  I can't believe she stumbled on this.  It's in perfect condition.  Abby is so proud of her chair.
 Saturday night our Sunday School class had a Back to School Pool Party at the Weston's. We had so much fun and I loved seeing my kids with my friends feeling so comfortable and at home.
 Sunday Morning we headed to church.
 Abby was proud of her frilly socks and new shoes.  Both are courtesy of Katie Grace.  Julie said no one appreciates a frilly sock the way Abby does.

 It was promotion Sunday and Aaron is no longer in Worship Care.

 He goes to Big Church with us!
 I was so proud of my Big Boy!

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