Saturday, August 3, 2013

Thirty-one Days of Fun, Days 7 through 9

This is Thursday morning.  I don't know why Abby has bunny ears on and her bow all crazy.
After this, Miss Kristen came over to keep the kids for a bit and they ordered pizza which is more than enough to make it a day of fun in Abby's book.

But that afternoon we ran some errands and Aaron said that the one thing that could really make this a Day of Fun is if we went to Sprouts and got chocolate covered pretzels.
So we did.

On Friday morning we went swimming at Dee and Papa's

That's a big Day of Fun

Saturday morning, Erin came over to take some pictures of the kids.  After the kids sat through the formal stuff they got to change clothes and make mud in the backyard for some Day of Fun pictures!  So fun!

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