Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Thirty-one Days of Fun, Day Six

So pictures on my end are going to be a little hit and miss for a week while my camera is in Idaho with my husband, but I thought I'd show you what a day of fun he's having.  He used the word fantastic seven times in two minutes.

The kids and I kept Asa today, so we played trains and read books.  When it was time to get dressed this morning Abby chose to put on her Hello Kitty PJs and I let her so for the first time she wore PJs all day.  And she was awfully cute.  But we went out for a few errands late this afternoon so she had to put on actual clothes.

The most fun part of the day was when we made a bath with Elmo Color Fizz Tablets and had a green bath!  I've seen other people's pictures of this but I hadn't done it.  So fun!  The kids loved it.  I did take pictures but I don't post naked pictures of my kids, so...

Jory sent us pictures of his trip and Aaron called a bunch of people to tell them all about it which was sweet and cute.  He also made his Daddy a video of him singing "Happy Vacation" to the tune of "Happy Birthday".  Which he came up with all by himself and it's just precious.

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