Monday, July 29, 2013

Thirty-one Days of Fun, Day Two

Saturday was Big Fun!
We went to Katie Grace's Birthday Party, which I am officially dubbing The Cutest Party Ever!
It was based on the book If you give a pig a pancake and all of the kids wore PJs

The sign at the front door

The food was served on a bed frame with a bedspread for a table cloth.
The cupcake tier is filled with bowls of fruit. There were fun toppings for the pancakes.
The menu
The book and a blown up picture from it

Look at this!  There was also coffee and fun pastries for the adults
The kids played outside the whole time and my kids were mostly in the sand box.  Such a fun, easy going party!

Katie Grace's 'cake' of pancakes with a pig and a candle on top


After the party we went to Central Market and then watched a movie together at home!

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