Tuesday, July 16, 2013


 We had such a fun-filled weekend, but I didn't get many pictures expect for these silly ones Aaron took with my phone.  He figured out how to switch the screen.

 On Saturday morning, Jory volunteered at the food co-op and the kids and I went to Walmart which I was dreading.  It went well, though.  We got there early and Aaron walked beside the cart and got everything on the list.  He's getting very good at grocery shooping.
 I will say he's not discerning with produce, though.  To him, a red pepper is a red pepper...so we roll with that.
 We got back at the same time as Jory and we all went to BassPro for the rest of the morning.  The kids love the water and fish and the fishing shows.
 In the afternoon Jory grilled and we had a couple over from Sunday School for dinner.
 Sunday after church and naps we had Leah Brockett's fourth birthday party at Jump For Fun.  It is a warehouse full of bounce houses and the kids love it.
 Plus they get to see most of their favorite people!


Heather said...

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Anonymous said...

Love the pics, Aaron!

Love, Dee