Tuesday, July 2, 2013

4th of July Week

I've been dressing the kids in Red, White and Blue all week, but I don't have many good pictures to prove it.
I also realized that almost everything Aaron owns has Red, White and Blue in it, so it's not really a special clothes week for him.
We've been having lots of fun trying to soak up the summer before Aaron is in school full time. (!)
On Sunday, Jory and Aaron went fishing.  Jory didn't take any pictures.  I told him that could make him a bad dad, but he didn't seem concerned.  Aaron was so excited to tell me all about it.  He caught two perch.
On Monday we had a play date at Central Market and the kids had such a good time.
I love this dress.  It is one of my very favorite ever and Little Miss did not want her picture made in it.
Today we met the Goades at Chuck E Cheese. 
Abby was really into playing all of the games.  Aaron did a lot of playing the bigger games - like shooting hoops and driving the race car games.
They still had A LOT of pictures made which has always been a highlight for Aaron.

Tonight we have a Sunday School Family Social at Central Market!

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Anonymous said...

Aaron and Abby had a blast at Dee and Papa's the weekend before the 4th. We had pool time and sandbox time, lots of book reading and good eats. Mama and Daddy enjoyed a weekend at the lake house. Good time for everyone.

We love you all, Dee & Papa