Thursday, July 4, 2013

Vacation Day Four

 We had a lot of beach time this day.

 We had five people taking 100 pictures each to get this photo.  That's almost the whole truth.

 Kids go 1,500 miles to swim in a pool!

 What a crew!

 Love these kids!
 For lunch we walked down to the pier and ate at Damon's

 While the kids napped we watched dolphins from the balcony even though you can't see them in these pictures.

 We ate dinner at a good steakhouse at Broadway which is kind of like a boardwalk.

 Then we walked around, shopped and played.

 There is a fun playground there.
 Doug's kids rode a bull
 My kids got Ben and Jerry's

 Balloon hats for everyone!

 Free face painting!

 Twelve people looking at a camera.  Score!
 Ummm...out of order, but so cute!

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