Friday, July 31, 2015

Summer of Fun, This week

Monday was Day 53.  I don't have any pictures from that Day.  Abigail spent the morning swimming at Julie's and Aaron and I went to Toys R Us and got him a couple of treats.  He picked out a Shark Set for the pool and a Monster Truck Track.  On Tuesday, we went to Dee and Papa's to swim, but the pictures are on my camera and I haven't downloaded them yet.  We had a great visit!  On Wednesday, the kids got to go to the Splash Pad with the Golzes.  This was actually the first time this summer and we usually go to the Splash Pad A LOT.  Because it's free and fun and doesn't require the same amount of careful supervision as the pool.  So it's been on our Summer of Fun List and finally got checked off.
On Thursday, they went to Paradise Pond at the Church and had a blast!


 And today we went to the Elliotts and the library. 
 It was a very low key week and we don't have anything planned this weekend!

Summer of Fun Continues

Oh, the catch up!!
Friday July 17 was Summer of Fun, Day 43. 

We went to the library,
 Ate bacon

And our Summer of Fun Activity was Rainbow Popsicles on the porch!

 We cooked out for dinner

On Day 44, Aaron and I headed to Ecuador for the Church Mission Trip which is going to be a bunch of separate posts.  I don't know that Abigail had a Summer of Fun Activity that day.  She took us to the airport and the only thing I know about her doing that day was reading her Sight Word Books at home which she was doing really well with.  Aaron got a small Lego Set which he did during our LONG layover in Houston

He also worked on a Magic Treehouse Activity Book that Janice gave him
 And ate pizza


I don't know of any Day 45 Summer of Fun Activities for Abigail, but Aaron ran around a big fountain in a park in Ecuador
But on Day 46, Miss Michelle showed up and Abigail has plenty to show for the week

 Daddy stepped back in for Day 51
 And on Day 52 she got a brand new outfit from Ecuador
 And got to show off the purple cakes she and Michelle made
It was such a blessing to know Abigail was doing so well and having so much fun.  Aaron's Week of Summer Fun/Work is coming soon. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Summer of Fun, Day 42

We spent this morning at home. The kids decided to make and decorate Valentine's boxes and then they worked on their math workbooks. 
There was a library program at lunch time, so Abigail got all ready to go!  (You can see her yellow Valentine's box on the toy box.)
The kids got to participate in the program!

They had a really good time!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summer of Fun, Day 41

 We went swimming at the Elliott's ALL MORNING today.  Seriously, you were probably still eating breakfast when we got there.
 It was so fun. 

 In the afternoon we were back at the library to get Aaron more books and another prize slip.  He's read 60 hours in 5 weeks!



Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summer of Fun, Day 40


 We went swimming at Dee and Papa's this morning


 The kids had a really good time


 But Aaron insisted that was not their Summer of Fun Activity for the day
 So they decided on Hot Chocolate! 

Chuck E Cheese

Every summer we meet Ann and her kids at Chuck E Cheese. Her 'kids' are teenagers now, but it's still our thing and they look forward to it.  We went yesterday (Summer of Fun, Day 39).  My kids love hers and Ann and I get to catch up while our kids play together.  We are going to CEC less and less, so I decided to let the kids cash in the tickets we've been saving for six years.  Aaron got a Lego-like set
This is Abigail dancing with Chuck E.  She LOVES that.  She'll stop whatever she's going when Chuck E comes out and she follows along intently.

Aaron had a great time winning tickets this time
We cashed Abigail's tickets in for a giant princess coloring book that she has been loving



Where's Abigail?
It was a fun time!


Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer of Fun Day 38

After church on Sunday we had a Sunday School lunch at Fuddrucker's
We hadn't been there in a long time and it was really good


And we had so much fun with our friends

After naps, Jory took the kids fishing which was their Summer of Fun activity and they had a great time and caught fish!  Abigail was especially proud.  And Aaron did the worm himself for the first time and did a great job casting and Jory didn't take any pictures.  

The Lake

On Saturday we drove to Papa and Dee's lake house for the day.

 Since the lake has been dry since Abigail was born she has never been there


And Aaron had no memories of it


 The had so much fun!










Some writing time in the house





 Aaron drove the boat a long time






On the way home we stopped at The CafĂ© in Graford which we enjoy. 

This was a really fun summer of fun day 37