Saturday, July 11, 2015

The beginning of the week

The kids got American Flags to wave in church July 5th

Jory chose Summer of Fun, Day 31 to be cooking out!

While the boys were buying the groceries, Abigail and I cashed in her marble prize at Toys R Us

And at Kroger, someone gave Aaron a free balloon and he has LOVED that!


This was a sweet, fun day



Monday we had a bunch of kids over in the morning and the playroom was a bit of a wreck, so I told Aaron his Summer of Fun, Day 32 could be building forts, but he took all the stuff and made obstacle courses.  He worked long and hard on them.  He had a great time building them and Abigail had a great time going through them!

 On Tuesday we went swimming at Dee and Papa's



And then had a fun afternoon at home



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