Sunday, July 12, 2015

The rest of the week

On Wednesday we did not go anywhere.  Summer of Fun Day 34 was making mud in the back yard.  The kids had a blast.  And if we would have waited until the afternoon we could have let God make the mud because we had a crazy rain storm!


The kids spent the afternoon "Working on boats".  As you can see Aaron is under this one fixing something.  They have such a great time making up stories and things to play.

Summer of Fun Day 35 the kids had these amazing Willy Wonka lollipops in the back yard




Then we ran some errands.  Aaron has been taking his SeaWorld map everywhere!

 The library where he got another drawing slip.  He is over 50 hours of reading in five weeks.

The car wash

 On Friday, Grandma Sheri sent a surprise package that made Summer of Fun Day 36 the best!  Aaron has been wanting a Lave Rock Volcano.  He talks about it all the time and I had a picture of him on this blog looking at it at the toy store.  Well, Grandma surprised him with it and it was a blast!  We did volcanoes for hours!





And Abigail got Connect Four which she has also been wanting and she loved it!

 What a great (mostly at home) week!


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