Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sea World!

Summer of Fun, Day 29 was a big one!  We drove to San Antonio and took the kids to Sea World!  Aaron is so into sea life and we really wanted to visit again while he's in this stage (we haven't been for three years).  We had planned to go before school was out, but there was a flood and we couldn't get there.  And then with other stuff, the best thing to do was take the holiday that Jory already had off work.  It was CROWDED.  But it was fun and the kids loved it.  I am really glad we went!
 The very first thing we did was go to Shamu's One Ocean.  This was walking to it.  It's such a fabulous show and we wanted to make sure we got seats.
 Aaron LOVED it!






Seeing the flamingos afterward

 Aaron went on a huge roller coaster that had a long wait, so Abigail and I took in a Water Dancer show.  There were some dolphins at the end.  She LOVED the dancing.

Here is this roller coaster

 Happy and soaked!
 We went to the water ski show after that




Aaron loved it and wanted to meet all of the skiers

 Aaron was so into the map the whole time.  He charted the coarse
 Sea Lion Show
 Seeing the Sea Lions

 This was on the way down.  I love having readers!  The car rides are manageable - and this was a long one!


This was actually right before Sea World.  We stopped for lunch at Panera and then soldiered on all day

 It was a really fun day!



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