Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pumpkin Farm

 We go to Hall's Pumpkin Farm every October.  It's free and the kids love it. 

Our Mom's Group had a play date there Wednesday so we went before church.  I didn't get good pictures this year, but I think we have a couple more events there this month.
 In the past there has been an old blue pick up truck that I have gotten great pictures of the kids in, but they didn't have it this year.
 I also couldn't get the kids to sit in the pumpkins.

They love the play area.
 Abigail took her sunglasses because it was very bright.  It was actually extremely hot when we were there.  We didn't stay long.



We stopped at Starbucks before church. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Phone Pictures


Abigail reading the bible while she waits for Aaron to get off the bus.  And her Monday report.

Ready for school!


Her end of the week report.  A good week.

Dressing up after school on Friday


Aaron and Jory are at the Carroll game now.  They have season tickets.  It's a huge game tonight.  It's also Pink Out and Aaron's school has matching pink Dragon shirts.  Aaron loves his Friday night games with his Daddy!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Phone Pictures

 The kids had an author/illustrator visit their schools last week and they have both been working hard on making books!
 This hot mess made a hat at school this week and has worn it pretty much every where




More field trip pictures.  This was actually on a hay ride.  I had said in a previous post it was watching pig races, which we also did.
 Abigail got this for this week.  100% good choices ALL WEEK.  That earned Sweet Pea some ice cream on Friday!



Reese holding a duck.  Aaron did not hold a duck.


Just a pumplin







 Aaron begged Grandad for these glasses.  That was money well spent right there.  He LOVES them

Sunday, October 12, 2014


We've had such a big weekend!  On Saturday morning, we met my bosses wife in Southlake Town Square.  She is trying to launch a photography business and get some publicity with it so we had her update our family picture.  We've been asked for a family picture three times in three weeks and the most recent one I have is over a year old.  We don't even have a recent snapshot of the four of us!

 After that, we went to the Fire Station in Southlake Town Square for Jackson's 3rd Birthday Party. 


We got a really good tour!







 After naps we met Grandad and Mimi at a costume store to get Halloween costumes with the kids' cousins then we went to Grandad's house for a bit.  We had dinner at the Cotton Patch by their house. 


 Today after church we had our monthly SS lunch at the Blue Hangar CafĂ©.  It was so fun.  The kids got to watch planes while we were waiting for our food. 



We also got a Halloween package this weekend from Grandma Beth and Grandpa Mike that has the kids so very excited.  And the weather was cool which make Jory so very excited.  And the Rebels are still undefeated which makes me very excited.  We hope your weekend was just as good!

Saturday, October 11, 2014


 Aaron has been working hard on his reading.  He has some Level 2 Readers he is working on.  He is super patient and diligent.

 Abigail has been getting dressed head to toe by herself.  She is so very proud and she is picking up speed.  She is beating Brother some mornings!

 Both of my kids love to help in the kitchen but Aaron can do so much now.  He worked super hard on this pizza dough.  He was very meticulous.



Friday, October 10, 2014

Field Trip

 Aaron had his first field trip as a Kindergartner today.  It was to a petting farm/pumpkin patch.  Siblings can't go on these - Abigail got a lot of free field trips last year!  And parents are actual chaperones with jobs.  We don't just tag along.
 My charges were Aaron and Reese.  Reese was SO good. 

Miles wanted in the picture
 Watching a pig race

 Milking a cow



 The farm is on a lake and there is a swimmer's beach with a playground and picnic tables for lunch.  We exhausted the petting farm pretty quickly (the entire visit was three hours) and the boys spent a lot of time playing at the playground.

 My boy loves, loves, loves the beach.  He really wanted to take his shoes off and get those feet wet. 
 The threw stones instead

So there was a duck.  Reese loved the ducks.  Aaron did not.  He never has. 

We all got pumpkins at the end

 I think this picture is funny when Mrs. Francis was trying to get a group picture.  One kid has his head in his hands!