Thursday, July 21, 2016

Glimpses of the week

This has been an amazing week!  As has become my MO, I did not take many pictures, but I will try to recap. On Thursday I went to Ohio and on Friday I flew back with my niece, Peyton!  Jory sent me this picture when I was in Ohio.
 We were delayed on Friday and got home late and Saturday morning was pretty slow as the boys were getting ready for Ecuador, but after we dropped them at the airport, we did some shopping in downtown Grapevine.  Peyton bought some cute shirts and Abigail had some finds of her own.  She actually found an amazing red velvet Christmas dress on a sidewalk sale that we bought.  She, of course, wore it Sunday in the July heat.

After shopping we enjoyed Hibachi and drove around Southlake.  Sunday morning Peyton read to Abigail before church.  Abigail has on her heavy velvet dress.  After church our Sunday School class had lunch at Fuddrucker's and then Peyton and I went to a baby shower. 
 We went Shopping at Southlake Townsquare in the evening and stopped at Starbucks.
 Abigail in Lily Pulitzer


Some updates from the Missionaries
 On Monday morning Abigail sent her daddy a picture of a heart shaped strawberry she found in her cereal.  Monday we spent the morning swimming at a friend's and went to Grapevine Mills Mall in the afternoon.  Peyton and I went to Bible Study Monday night.
 Tuesday we met my dear friend Charity and her girls in Terrell



Another Missionary Update
 Peyton wanted to eat at Cheesecake Factory.  Isn't she pretty?
 Wednesday morning we made homemade strawberry muffins
 Then we went swimming at another friend's
 And fed the ducks at her pond

Wednesday afternoon we saw a movie with the Elliotts and Thursday morning Peyton left.  Then Abigail treated me to a dance show.
It was a fun, fun week.  And though my communication has been insanely limited, the guys are having an amazing week in Ecuador and Aaron is doing great! 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Scattered July Pictures


 July 4 dressing.  Her dress is smocked with fireworks.
 Kitchen picnic
 Dinner with the Cottons



Wearing my Strawberry Shortcake shorts that my Grandma made me and my shirt

 Baskin Robbins!

Aaron's basketball game

He won the medal for having 7 rebounds (in 2 quarters of play) and getting a little beat up in process but being totally awesome about it.  He also scored a basket and a free throw.
 Homemade strawberry muffins

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Aaron's First Basketball Game




Some Pictures

We are having a VERY low key summer!  Lots of lounging around the house, playing outside and reading.  I have taken hardly any pictures (though I do have some on my camera from Aaron's first basketball game to download).  We have done a bit of swimming and we went to the splash pad, but again, I've come out from behind the camera!  Here is all I have.
 Working on Daddy's Father's Day Card and our Annual Father's Day Lunch



Aaron's first basketball practice


Waiting for Sis to get her hair cut

LOTS of reading
 Cotton Patch with our Library Earned Certificate



Thursday, June 16, 2016

Some Summer Fun




 If it was up to Abigail we would go to the park every day of her life.  Summers are nice because she doesn't have to share the park with anyone!

 When we got to church on Sunday, Mrs. Pearson told us at check in that we were all wearing green and blue.  We had no idea.  She took a picture for us!

 A baby shower after church
 Cookie making

 Swimming at Dee and Papa's
 Setting the table for Mama's MIA Steering Dinner


New dress from Dee and Papa