Tuesday, September 12, 2017


 Andrew and I got to have lunch with both of the big kids yesterday.  I love hearing about their days.  (Although Aaron's day has really barely started by the time he has lunch.)

Some morning pictures



 Giggling with Daddy.  This boy is just amazing!  He's crawling, pulling up, laughing like crazy and using those two front teeth!



Abigail also had her very first piano lesson yesterday and it went really well

Abigail's Sunday

Our church presents First Graders with bibles each year and Sunday Abigail received hers.

Technically she already had hers so they just gave her own back to her (thus the book mark already in it)

She had asked for her bible early because she was already reading nightly passages and sharing her brother's
Each child has a high school student who will pray for them and be their model










During the invitation Abigail went to the front and professed her faith and asked to be baptized. 
It was an amazing day and then that evening she stood on stage at our Women's Event and spoke into the microphone. 

I was with her and I don't think there are any pictures of that, but she did great and said the best part of the event was being on stage!





Saturday, September 9, 2017

This Week in Phone Pictures

On Labor Day, Slim Chickens was raising money for hurricane victims so Sis and I had lunch there.
 Andrew and I ate with Sis at school on Wednesday

 And with Aaron on Thursday

Waiting for Sis to get out of dance Thursday




 Sleeping Friday night

 Saturday morning with a new teething toy from one of our friends

At the park for a birthday party Saturday

Secod Week of School

The kid had their first week of full days this week, but they only went Tuesday through Friday because of Labor Day



















Sunday, September 3, 2017

Dee and Papa's

Andrew had his first sandbox experience yesterday


He definitely ate some sand, but he had a great time!  He also had a tiny bit of swim time.
 Sis had plenty of swim time, of course!
Aaron mostly played baseball and I didn't get any pictures

Saturday, September 2, 2017