Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Just some stuff

 This is just a crazy time.  Watching Aaron head to Kindergarten.  We prayed a lot over him and with him the last five years, but a whole lot in the last month.  We've talked about being a Light, showing people Jesus, giving everyone a smile.  We've talked about being nice to EVERYONE, no matter how they treat you.  I know my baby has a fantastic heart and I love to listen to him pray and read the Bible and act it out.  I love watching him in action and I can't wait to watch him grow. 
Aaron loves to learn and he loves to teach.  He loves to figure things out and make things work.  He loves to fix things.  But he really, really loves to read.  He is so excited about school.  He truly can't wait to go every day.  Forever.  Sad face and happy face for Mama, all at the same time. 

The rest of Day Two

 This was Abigail waiting for Aaron at the bus stop after school. 
 And Aaron walking home from the bus.  We live right at the bus stop, so it's SO nice.  There are kids in our neighborhood that have to walk a ways for their stop, but we just walk out the front door.
 He is wearing a bus rider sticker that he told me to put in his scrap book.

Love that.

 More waiting pictures
 Here comes the bus!!!

Day Two



We still had zero interest in pictures.  The kids were up around 6 ready to go.  Aaron was riding the bus today and I think he would have waited at the stop at 6am if we would have let him. 
 He bounded right up on the bus.  One of his friends from preschool was on there and he sat with him.  The kindergartners sit right behind the bus driver. There is only one more stop after our house before school.


 He said he got off the bus and went to class.  Easy as that.  And it wasn't scary at all.
 Carpool line was something special at Abigail's school today, and she was ready to get on with it. 

They both had a fantastic day.  Aaron went to PE and said he learned all the rules.
 Abigail got to play outside.

We met Aaron at the bus stop after school.  He got right off.  There was only one stop before our house so he gets home quicker than if we did the carpool line.



 This is such a crazy week with early dismissals, but the kids are having a great time.  We are LOVING having Abigail at Aaron's preschool.  His teacher from last year sent me the picture above.  She took it today of Abigail on the playground.  Abigail is Right at Home there.  She spent a lot of time up there eating lunch with Aaron last year and everyone knows her. 

 Scenes from the morning.














Monday, August 25, 2014

The rest of the first day of school

 Today was a crazy day.  The kids get out early all week and the preschool gets out super early, so it's like I barely drop off before I pick up. 
 And I had to pick Aaron up today (normally he will ride the bus, but he had an assessment he had to go to) and there wasn't time in between to do much, so we were just in the pick up line really early and just WAITED.
 Then we gulped down lunch and WAITED while Aaron was in his assessment. 

Abigail did A LOT of puzzles
 And then we had to take a meal to someone and get home to try to rest and then, I swear, it was dinner time!
WHEW.  Tomorrow is Aaron's first day riding the bus.  Jory will be out at the stop with him.

Really Bad First Day of School Pictures

 There was zero interest in pictures this morning.  Everyone just wanted to get to school.  NOW. 
 It did not matter that school would not be open.

The kids were up before 6:30 ready to go to school.  Aaron was singing 'School Day!' as he was getting out of bed.

Jory took Aaron to school today and he did the drop off line.  Aaron bounded out of the car and went right in without looking back.  He had a great first day and we have heard all about it. 
 Abigail also did the drop off line.  I took her and she also was SO ready to go to school.
 She had a great first day, but she was really tired.
 All we know about her day is that Ms. Fair read Tickle Monster and put the Tickle Monster on her hand and tickled everyone in the class.
 That was the greatest thing ever.
 And I have absolutely not one single good picture of Aaron's first day of Kindergarten and Abigail's first day of preschool.

They were seriously all "when are we going to leave?"
 Maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow.

Back to School Dinner



 During the Summer, the kids get free kid meal coupons for Cotton Patch through the Library Reading Program.
 In the past we have used them the night before school and I like that tradition

We had a super early dinner this year because Daddy had a church meeting but it was fun and sweet

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Summer of Fun in Review

So, I decided to do something fun every day this summer - little things like PJ Day and sno cones and big things like family trips.  We didn't make every single day, and there were some misses:  We never went to Dove Pool which the kids really want to do and we actually never went to the park in our neighborhood.  And there are some things that will be better to do when they are a bit older:  Movie under the Stars at Hey Sugar, Medieval Times...but we did do a lot of fun stuff.

We swam a lot...at Dee and Papa's and Grandad and Mimi's and the Elliott's and the Cotton's and the Huffman's and the Lott's and the McAdams.  We met Daddy for meals.  We had ice cream and snocones.  We went to the library a lot. 

We had visits from Uncle Doug and Grandma Beth.  We had Movie Day and PJ Day.  We planted vegetables and picked tomatoes.  We went on a cruise (which Aaron says was the best part of Summer).  We got popsicles from the Ice Cream Truck. 

We made mud and went to Chuck E Cheese and played at our friends' houses.  We went to Central Market and visited Aunt Susan at the Museum of Art in Fort Worth. 

We went to the movie theatre, the botanical gardens (in three cities) and a splash park in Dallas. 

We went to the splash pad, the Disney store and two aquariums.  We took gymnastics and swim and we saw fireworks. 

We went to Farmers Markets, the Perot Museum and birthday parties.  We built legos and saw airplanes. 

We read more books than you can ever imagine.  We made up games and played them. 

We had a fabulous summer.  We are looking forward to a fabulous school year and another Summer of Fun in 2015.