Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pictures I never posted

 Labor Day Weekend Jory was out of town and we went to Whole Earth, which we love.  The kids played with some animals and Aaron bought a plane.
 He is doing a great job on his own in lines making purchases now.

 We also went swimming at Dee and Papa's


 Jory sent us this from the Lease

 Last weekend, this is the apple pizza Aaron and I made.  It was SO good.  We are going to make another this weekend.
 Abigail had Dot Day at school this week.  I already had this dress laid out for her, so I was excited to see it had dots all over the sleeves.


My first lunch with Abigail.  She was not nearly as excited as Aaron always was.  I will eat with him for the first time this year on Friday.
 We have SO many apples.  I made a pie and a crisp this week.

The Zoo


Abigail and I got invited to the Dallas Zoo today and we were happy to go!  We have never been.  Her teacher hasn't either and is so excited for us.  She told Abigail to bring a picture and tell the class all about it.  Abigail took this picture of Bennett on the way.
 Feeding a giraffe

















We had a picnic lunch



It was a great day.  There was no one there.  Probably because it was threatening rain and the humidity was about 100%, but the temperature was good and we had a nice time.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Pictures Galore

So, Aaron is Student of the Week next week.  It's quite a thing and we have a bit to prepare for it.  He has to take a current picture, a baby picture and his favorite book.  He also takes 3-5 things that are important to him and he has a Show and Tell.  Finally, he has an All About Me book where he fills in the answers to questions about himself and attaches pictures.  He took all of this very seriously and we had quite a photo session.  He has worked very hard preparing.

I love that his pet is a cat.   At Meet The Teacher, Mrs. Francis asked him if he had any pets and he said yes.  I immediately jumped in and said that he didn't and he said, "Yes, I do.  I have Cat."  After Meet the Teacher he told Jory, "I told Mrs. Francis I have a pet."  Jory said, "But you don't!"  Aaron said, "Yes I do.  I have Cat."  There you have it.  Cat obviously made the Top 5 things that are important to him and he's been talking to Cat about going to school.
 When I asked what his favorite sport was he immediately responded "The Dragons".  But of course.  This picture was taken at a game he went to.
 Baby picture.  The one above is the one I sent.  It was his announcement picture.  But I downloaded several.  I thought the one below was sweet.

His favorite food is oatmeal.

He is special because "he is tall".  So he took a picture being tall beside his sister...
 and then he took one with a tape measure!

Another oatmeal picture.


 His favorite book

His favorite color is blue
 Abigail got confused and thought we were taking pictures with blankets.
 He put on his Dragons shirt to take a picture for his favorite sport.
 His favorite television program is Dusty.  (We know that's not a television program and we don't think he knows that television program means, but he watches the Planes movie on a TV, so...)


 His pet cat
 Another dragons picture


When he grows up he wants to be an alligator, of course. 

 His family
For his trinkets he took all of his planes and then had to put some back, his picture with Mickey Mouse that really is his prized possession after, of course, Cat.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Random Pictures

I've been horrible about taking pictures, here are a few I grabbed.  Abigail made dinner for the first time.  She also spent a lot of time this weekend cutting and gluing.  
 Ready for dance



At the bus stop with Aaron.  The kids had another great week.  Aaron is amazing me every day with his independence and thought process.
 Waiting for the bus.

 Babysitting a sweet two year old


Waiting for Aaron to get off the bus



Modeling her dress


 A pretty decent week.
We had a super low key weekend.  Aaron helped me make Apple Pizza Saturday night and we curled up in the bed and watch Sound of Music!  I was SOOOOO happy!  I think everyone was!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Dragon Game!

 Jory and Aaron have season tickets to the Dragon games.  Last Friday was the first game and it was at home and it was against Carroll's former coach.  It was a BIG game.  It was also the day after the Aggie win with former Dragon Kenny Hill.  I understand he was quite the topic of conversation.

 Aaron has been excited for weeks about this game.  And all week the first week of school he could not wait until Friday.
 He and Daddy have great seats and they had a great time.
 Our babysitter was Belle of the week and the half time show was really good.


As they were getting home, the Friday night fireworks were going off over the lake so they stopped at the park to watch those.  It was a great ending to a great first week of school.  This boy loves football and he loves the Dragons and he loves time with Daddy.  He came home and told me all about it!