Friday, June 1, 2018

Last Day Of School Swimming

Andrew went to Abigail's awards a day after mine! He had to be held by mom because it was CROWDED! He also had a huge poop there. We got home early because it was the last day of school. At 2:00 We went to the Elliot's to swim. They weren't back from the kindergarten party yet so we swam by ourselves for a little bit. Once they got back we swam for a little then ate dinner. We had dessert and then left.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Family Visit

After Andrew's nap he came to my school for the award ceremony. He walked around a little bit and got to be held by Seroush. He liked Kamryn a lot! After that he went home and played with Dee and Papa. He took a nap and then we got home! We went to Baskin Robins and he ate animal crackers.
This picture is at the award ceremony. Jack is in the green shirt and Declan is in the black. I am in the green shirt holding Andrew. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Party Day

This morning Andrew took a great nap causing mom to have to wake him up for my end of year party. They got there got there before we got in from recess. Our party was themed make your own sundae! Andrew walked around the trying to grab everybody's sundae. Of the kids at my table he disliked Cooper, loved Adalynn, and was shy around Lola. Oh,  and Jack. All he liked about Jack was his desk. After the party he went to Walgreens. He ate lunch at cotton patch. He ate a cheeseburger, strawberries, and corn. He took a nap and then we got home.
 He went to town square and played with some toys at whole earth. Once he got home he went on a run that involved watching daddy and I play baseball.


Tuesday, May 29, 2018

3 Hours Away from Home

Andrew went to adventure kids this morning  for 3 hours. They said he was good and gobbled up his food. Since then 2 hours and 30 mins. worth of sleep. He has also swung a little as shown below.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Water Day


You can probably tell it was a water day. We went to the Rec of grapevine first. We went there at 11:00. He mostly sat in the mom's lap and watched but mom walked around a little with him. He just never got in the water. At dove pool it was different. He got in the water and swam a little in my arms. He also played a little with his water table this morning. 

Sunday, May 27, 2018

A great Sunday

Andrew had a good morning nap this morning. He also , according to Cordova's had a good day in worship care. He woke from his nap around 2:40 and played for a little. Then he went outside and helped daddy in the yard. Here are some pictures from then:

For dinner he had a banana and some turkey and cheese. Right now he is on a Walmart

Saturday, May 26, 2018

A Tiring 96-Degree Wedding

It was our luck that Andrew got even a little nap. He woke up around 9:50 when the painter got here. We left for the wedding at 10:00. We got there early and took the pictures shown here:

We got seated but were surprised to find that Michelle was late! It was blazing once it started. Andrew made a few sounds but otherwise he was fine. Everybody was ready to eat after that. Andrew eat a few crackers and some cheese for his lunch he had a peanut butter and banana sandwich. He had a restless ride home but took a nap when he got home. Right now he is outside helping daddy work on the yard.  

wedding crashers

This morning Andrew woke up at 5:40. Hopefully he will get a morning nap before the wedding. So me and Abby had a babysitter named Ms. Michelle. And now that Ms. is being changed to Mrs. We are planning to leave at 10:30, but the painter is coming so we might leave earlier. Andrew is on a early run with daddy right now.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Day Off Friday

Hello, everybody! Mom just introduced me so you probably know who I am. So today we had a bad weather day at school and we stayed home! We are remodeling our playroom so the painter came today. First we headed out to the splash pad. Andrew wasn't a big fan of it. He just wanted to eat snacks the whole time. He did like the water sprayers though. There was a bowl that dumped water and Andrew HATED it.

After that we went to the park. Andrew was swinging peacefully most of the time. We went to Cici's for lunch. Andrew wouldn't eat anything there so we normally brought stuff for him. But today is a special day! Andrew tried pizza and pasta! He liked pasta with alfredo sauce and spinach pizza. This afternoon after nap me, dad, and Andrew went on a run. I rode my bike while they ran. For dinner he had cheesy rice and cornbread chicken. He refused to eat carrots and applesauce.

Finally IN

I have kept this Blog since I found out I was pregnant with Aaron.  Around Christmas last year I got locked out and haven't been able to update it.  Aaron recently found the books that I made from the Blog posts about him and has been very interested in them.  He asked if he could start updating the Blog about Andrew.  I managed to get in today and he wants to start posting.