Thursday, December 18, 2014

This Week


Most of these pictures were taken with my phone, so I apologize.  This was actually the picture taken by the church where we went to Breakfast with Santa on Saturday.  Abigail is not wearing tights or socks because she dressed herself.
 Aaron put this together by himself, pretty quickly.  He is obsessed with his legoes.  He would rather play with them than eat.
 After church on Sunday we had our Second Sunday Supper at Dickey's. 
 And then Abigail got her umbrella.  Which she sleeps with.
 On Monday night we had our Sunday School Supper Club.  We actually didn't take our kids and then we got to go on a date after!
 Abigail wore this on Monday.  It seems December-like to me, even if it's not really Christmas.
 The same with Tuesday's dress.  It has velvet so it qualifies.  I got a picture from her teacher this day of her making something with two boys in her class.  There she was in her velvet dress with her friends in their Hulk T-shirts.  Her mama is weird.
 On Tuesday night Jory and I had an event at the George W Bush Presidential Library and Museum.  Absolutely amazing.  People should visit here just to go.



 On Wednesday Abigail wore a red dress. It's one of my favorites because it is cord and keeps her warm.  It was dreary Wednesday. 
 Aaron made this ornament at school.
 Thursday was Polar Express Day, so Abigail wore Christmas PJs.  She was mostly excited about her Minnie Mouse clip from Grandma Sheri.



She was reading these Minnie Mouse books she got for Christmas and we could barely get her to school.

 I decided to take a picture of the four Lego Cities we have going on right now.  Bless it.  The inventor of Lego must be the wealthiest man ever.


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Toys R Us

 In our house, the kids earn marbles for their good choices and lose them for bad choices.  When they get 100 marbles they can go to Toys R Us and pick an item.  It's taken Abigail about six months to earn 100 marbles (that's a lot of good choices for a three year old).  She was so excited to go to Toys R Us.  I think she touched every single item in the store and wanted to get just the right thing.

She chose an umbrella.  This was somewhat practical since it was actually raining today, but really Abigail just loves stuff like this.  She has always loved a good hood.  She loves an excuse to wear rain boots.  She drags her winter coats out if it drops below 80 and now she has an umbrella.  She played with it all day.  She went to different rooms in the house where it was either 'raining' or not so she could put the umbrella up and down.  We read books under it and rode our bikes with it.  She could NOT wait to show Aaron.  He was a little underwhelmed and tried to explain to her that an umbrella is not a toy.  She could not be brought down. 
We went after church today.  She wore a blue velvet dress to church that isn't technically Christmas dress, but velvet always screams Christmas to me. 


 On Saturday we went to a church in Southlake where they were having Breakfast with Santa.  We didn't actually eat breakfast there, but the kids made reindeer food, an ornament and a letter for Santa.  They also heard Mrs. Claus read a story and they sat on Santa's lap.
 Since it was going to be in the 70s, I had a weather appropriate Christmas outfit laid out for Abigail.  She came downstairs in this number - sweater on top, layers of skirt on the bottom.  It originally cost a zillion dollars when my friend's mother purchased it from Ella Bella in Southlake.  It was the perfect choice for hot chocolate drinking, park playing and barbeque eating.


Dee and Papa met us and we went to lunch with them.  Aaron is wearing necklaces we got when we got to the church.  He took them off for his Santa picture.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

The second week of December, Part Two

On Thursday night, Jory and I had the Christmas Party for the Sunday School class we teach.  The kids helped me set up and took to eating the ham.  Abigail dressed in a dress Grandma Sheri bought her in Florida.

 To school, though, she had worn a santa dress.   Her teacher was quite the quick thinker when she got a nose bleed and she kept the dress clean!
 Abigail was loving this ornament from A meaningful Christmas.  She was singing about the grey donkey clomp clomping on its way to Bethlehem.

 Some scenes from our party.  We hosted it, but had to move the location when we had so many people RSVP. 





On Friday Abigail wore a reindeer jumper.

 We got Aaron's school pictures back!

Friday, December 12, 2014

The Second Week of December, Part One

 I already posted about Jogging for Johnson last Saturday, but we got the race photos this week and I was so proud.  This is Aaron at the finish line. 

 A little earlier you can see Abigail (kind of) in the stroller.  She was still Dressing for December, but just in a red shirt and pants since she'd be in a stroller.  Also on Saturday I had posted about Julie and mine's foray into sales with our Crock Pot Planner.  We have now bound and sold 100 books.  We're not sure where we will go from here.

On Sunday morning, we took two cars to church because I needed to do some things early.  Abigail came with me.  This is her eating her Olaf.  She will do anything for a laugh.  She's very class clown-like.  She figured out how to hang her toothbrush off her lip and couldn't wait to see everyone laugh!

 After church we went out to eat because I had a baby shower at the house right after that and I thought that would be easier.  We met the Elliotts at Snappy Salads. 
Abigail was dressing for December in a dress I love that I've had for a long time.  I'm hoping to get another year out of it, too.

I loved showering Sweet Alise at my house!

 On Monday Abigail wore a dress that's too small, but I love it.  Definitely can't get another year out of this.  Her teacher called me on Monday to tell me she had her best day EVER.  They got a new student that day and Abigail was wonderful with him.



 Monday night we met a bunch of our friends at CFA because the Huffmans are in town! 
Abigail wore a new dress from Grnadma Sheri that she loves.  She has worn it A LOT already. 
 Aaron ordering by himself.  I'm so proud of him.  Abigail also went to order water by herself and did a great job and said please!

 Tuesday, also in a dress that won't make it another year.



 I did our November scrapbook page for each of the kids Tuesday.  What a festive November we had!



 Tuesday night was the Angel Dinner at church and the kids got to play in Paradise Pond. 
Abigail tried every dress up costume they had!

Wednesday we had some reindeer action!


Saturday, December 6, 2014

The First Week of December

 I am doing Dressing for December with Abigail again this year.  I've held a lot of outfits from last year that barely fit her, but they are so cute.  On the first day of December she wore that above - a blue jumper with little snowmen all over it.  She loved her frosties!  And then she wore a well-worn snow flake dress that twirls!



On Wednesday she had a field trip so she wore her Rockenbaugh Field Trip t-shirt.  She was so excited to ride the bus.  They went to a trampoline park and I just knew I'd get a phone call from the emergency room, but I was wrong.  She had a great time and jumped for three solid hours.  She was SO tired when she got home!

She work up just in time for Choir and she dressed herself in what was one of my favorite outfits last year, but was clearly too small for her this year.  And she added white sandals. 

 And this winter vest from Uncle Doug that she loves so much she can hardly bear to take it off!

Did I mention it was performance night and everyone else was dressed to the nines?

 Thursday she wore this dress that is necessarily Christmas, but I think it fits. 

And her favorite vest

I spent Thursday binding this book with Julie which we sold at a craft fair Saturday.  We are taking the system we use to make our monthly meals and marketing the ingredient list, recipes and how tos



The kids Christmas presents from Ohio arrived this week and Aaron took right to his Legos.  We also got my Keurig (!) and a singing Elsa doll.  Thank you, Grandma. 
 Friday Abigail wore a red dress.  I throw everything red and green into the Dressing for December category.

We got my mom's Christmas card that she made with pictures from last Christmas.  It's so fun and there's a picture of Aaron on the back eating cake.



The kids have been doing an Advent Calendar that my mom sent and every day Aaron opens it up and just reads what it says with out help.  It's absolutely crazy to us.  We are also doing A Meaningful Christmas which is one of our favorite things.
 On Saturday, Jory took the kids to Aaron's Elementary School for their annual fundraiser, Jogging for Johnson.  They ran in the one mile fun run and the kids were so excited. 
 I was at the craft fair.  This was our first sale.  We sold our fifty books in three hours and took orders for another twenty.  We made a good profit.

This was our booth.  It got so crazy.

 Aaron's school is having a gingerbread house contest and Aaron has really wanted to participate, so he and Jory took to building this afternoon.


 We also did a lot of shopping this week for our angel families
 Jogging for Johnson
 Pre-run fun
 With the Dragon.  Carroll lost today.  They were thisclose to the State Championship Game and they lost to the defending champion this afternoon.  It's sad, but if they'd won we were going to be in a babysitter bind next weekend and we've been a little worried.
 At Jogging for Johnson there was a cake walk
 Abigail won!
This was Aaron's finished Gingerbread House.  I wasn't downstairs when the representative school was chosen.

 Aaron was super precise about patterns and which colors went where.

 He spent hours on this.  It was intricate work.
 I sent Abigail's favorite cake pictures to the bakery so they can design her cake for February.  They are making the actual cake purple just for her.

I hope your week was a full of joy as ours!