Monday, April 21, 2014

Dee and Papa's

Every year, the kids do an Easter Egg Hunt at John and Kim's.  We go on Saturday morning.  We stopped this year at Fuzzy's for breakfast.


 We had heard their breakfast Migas were fantastic and they were!
 The kids had a great time hunting eggs.


Abby was such a mess when we left


Here are all the eggs we got this year - Abby had four hunts and Aaron had two.



Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday

 I started cooking Easter Dinner early in the week.  A lot of the items could be done ahead so I'd sneak one in during nap here and there.  This was the Carrot Ginger Puree that was so good.  Abby loved it.  I made it in a blender and she said "Carrot milkshakes make my tummy happy"
Aaron set the table the night before Easter.  Kim gave me the flowers!

 Aaron and I were greeting during both services so we had to leave early.


 I set almost everything out before we left.  I made the Easter Dinner menu in last month's Southern Living.  The only change was they had cookies for dessert and I substituted the Strawberry-Lemonade cake from the cover.  And I added deviled eggs that Kim brought because I don't like to make them.
 So, it was Sweet mustard ham, herb-parmesan rolls, carrot-ginger puree, asparagus with snow peas and chow chow, hot potato salad, orzo with peas and herbs, deviled eggs and Strawberry-lemonade cake.  It sounds like a lot, but we really didn't have a ton left.  I made Jory's grandparents a couple of plates and we probably have another meal.

 Everyone seemed to really like everything!  And we had a great family day!


Easter Party


Our church has a huge Easter Egg hunt every year.  This year the park where we hold it was shut down at the last minute for repairs and they moved the hunt to the park in our neighborhood.  It was Thursday night.  We invited our Sunday School classes to come by before the hunt and enjoy a cookie and walk together to the park.  We had some cookies set out inside and then we had cookie decorating stations outside.


 The kids had a great time with the decorating while the adults got to talk a bit.



Our backyard is gated so you can relax a bit while the kids play


We headed to the park where the church grilled dinner and then we had the hunt and some games.

 It was raining and it was SO cold, but we all fought through it and the kids had a blast!
 The next day Abby went through her eggs and said, "Look!  There are little cupcakes in mine!"  Should I be proud or embarrassed that she's never seen a Reece's Peanut Butter Cup?
 She had the best time going through her eggs this year!


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Week

Easter is my favorite holiday for a lot of reasons - some of them deep and meaningful and others more surface level.  I have always loved Easter and held it as my favorite holiday.  And Good Friday is Hands Down my favorite day of the year.  The powerful significance of that day coupled with spring in the air and husband off work and farmers markets open - heady stuff!

We had a wonderful time celebrating this week with friends and family.  The kids always get fun packages and gifts for Easter - it's a little like a toned down Christmas for them.  And, of course, the Egg Hunts are such fun.  Abby was VERY into hunting this year.  Three is such a fun time for that sort of thing.

 Thursday Abby had an Easter Party at school.  She wore this cute bunny outfit I got from one of my friends and she decorated bunny cookies that I got (with all the fixings) from my favorite cookie lady!

 She loved this craft!
After craft they had an egg hunt outside.  Each child brought 12 stuffed eggs and got to get exactly 12.

 These eggs were super fun because they couldn't have candy in them.  So Abby came home and opened each one and oohed and aahhed over every single trinket.

 On Thursday I started making Easter Dinner.  I LOVE to make Easter Dinner and I'm super excited about the menu this year!

 We also got 'Egged'!  We got twelve eggs hidden in our yard (with a note on the door).  One of the eggs was empty to signify the empty tomb, but the rest had fun treats.  Aaron ran out to find them after his nap.  Ignore the fact that he's not wearing any pants.  (He does have on boxers).


After that we dyed Eggs with Kool-Aide.  Grandma Sheri posted this on Facebook and we tried it.  It worked great and was super fun and easy.  Each packet of Kool Aide was 20 cents!  You mix a packet with 2/3 cup water and dye away.  We made a rainbows worth.  Aaron loved it.  And they dyed really quickly which was good for the impatient.





Thursday, April 17, 2014




 It got down in the 30s this week which is really weird.  I had to dig out that sweater Aaron owns and Abby wore her winter boots.
 When we went to eat lunch with Aaron the wind was blowing like Crazy!  Abby never got warm enough to take her coat off!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Five things going on in our house right now

 1.  Aaron has started reading.  He has a lot of sight words he recognizes and he is sounding out words.  It's still limited, but it is amazing to us.  He was looking at his Monthly Interview from last month and he said, I said my favorite animal was a zebra.

2.  Abby is extremely animated.  All the time.  About everything.  This is especially fun in public.  Strangers are smiling to themselves in the grocery store as she is chirping about whatever such thing.  She always has something to say and her expressions are priceless.  Tonight as she was putting on her tutu that she sleeps in over her PJs she said, "Do you know what the word Tu Tu means?  It means you are a princess."

3.  Jory's grandmother, Big Mom, passed away a week ago today.  It was expected but still very sad.  She was an incredible woman.  It was a wonderful thing to see so much family this week, though.  Kim kept the kids for a couple of days while we went to the funeral and other things.

4.  Aaron is extremely into making up animated stories while he plays with his toys.  Mostly his two fighter jets from Planes, but other toys, too.

5.  Aaron and Abby really play well together.  Obviously not all the time, but they do enjoy each other and they enjoy the same things.  I love to listen to them playing together and watch them outside together. 

Masters Sunday

On the Sunday of the Masters Tournament we all wear green.  Because we are that really weird family.  After church on Sunday, we met the Huffrmans, Elliotts and Savages at Chipotle

 It was really fun.  We very rarely have gone out to eat after church, so it's a fun treat.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Abby's Monthly Interview

What is your name? Abby
How old are you? Three
What is your favorite color? Blue
Who is your best friend? Bubby
What is your favorite animal? A rabbit
What do you want to be when you grow-up? A rabbit
Who is your favorite person? Bubby
What is your favorite book? Elmo
What makes you happy? Cheerios
What makes you sad? Chex
What is your favorite food to eat? Cheerios
What is your favorite song to sing? Twinkle
What do you like to play? Crayons


Easter Egg Hunt


 I think one of our favorite traditions has been the Nash Farm Easter Egg Hunt. 

The kids (and we) were so excited.


But it has gotten really big, so it's a bit crazier than we'd like

And Abby fell on the way in.  It was a little, normal fall and she wasn't hurt at all, but it really freaked her out.  We were told this would be normal for a while after her big fall last week.

 But she was more upset than we've seen her and she really didn't end up regrouping before the hunt was over.


 Aaron got a ton of eggs, though, and that was really cool.

Afterwards, we went to the Farmers Market and had a great time.  That's one of our favorite things to do and we got lots of yummy goodies to enjoy for lunch!

As a side note, the day after Abby got hurt last week, she woke up and wanted Chex for breakfast.  We didn't realize that she wouldn't be able to eat for a while and the pain of trying even something as simple as cereal in milk really upset her.  Even though she was back to eating normally within three days, she refuses to try Chex again.  She says, "One day, I ate Chex and it hurt me."  So now she eats Cheerios.