Friday, August 31, 2012

What's been going on

Today is day 18 of sick kids in different capacities and combinations.  Yuck!  Never in 3 1/2 years have we had a run like this. I haven't been blogging because I haven't taken very many pictures since the kids are all gross and snotty and I didn't have anything to write about since we haven't gone anywhere.  We were supposed to go all kids of cool places over the last three weeks, but it's been a daily plan cancellation life around here. 
The kids are still sick and the doctor is in the process of calling in antibiotic #2 for the munchies!
In all, everything's been pretty fine, just low key and home bound.  The kids really haven't felt good which is odd for them.  Usually they'll get sick and I'll know it because of a symptom like a fever or a runny nose, but you'd never know it from the way they act.  This time, they've been pretty lethargic, not eating, not sleeping great. 
So we are all ready to be healthy!  They are supposed to start school Tuesday and I hope they can. 
Luckily we didn't have anything planned for Labor Day.  Jory is going Dove Hunting on Saturday and he'll be back Sunday.  Monday will be a rest day getting ready for school!
I will post more about their school in another post. Such big changes for both of the kiddos are coming up!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our Babies

I'm so thankful for Kristi!  I was just itching for new pictures of our Sweet Things.  This made Mama smile!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


 Here are some pictures Kristi took of Aaron
 She called this 'Ready to take off'
 I LOVE this picture
 And in color...

Monday, August 20, 2012


A couple of Saturdays ago my friend Kristi was doing a photo shoot at a park near her house.  She asked if we wanted to come out before the shoot and get some early morning pictures in. Here are some of my favorites of Abby (plus the couple that I had in the last post).
This is one of my favorites.  Love those blue eyes against the white!

Looking at the water under the bridge.

Love this girl!

Doesn't Kristi do a great job of capturing expressions?

What are you thinking, Little Miss?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We have a toddler!

 Abigail Elizabeth Allen, you turned 18 months old today.  I can not believe it!  Your growing is making me teary, but we do love to watch that personality develop!  You are fiery, sweet and fun.  We love you!
 You wear a size 24 month clothes, 6 shoes and 4 diaper.  You eat everything.  You love shoes and purses!  I am not making that up.  You are a Mama's Girl right now, but you have your daddy and your brother wrapped around your finger!
We love you, Little Miss!

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, August 12, 2012

More Abby

You love your brother!  You'll pretty much go anywhere if he's holding your hand.  This would not be the case with your mama and daddy.  We routinely deal with your will in such instances.  Aaron doesn't understand what we're doing wrong because you'll do whatever he tells you!

You think you are so big.  The other day you crawled into this seat while I was strapping your bother in his carseat and you didn't want to get out.  You want to sit just like the big people.  You are ALWAYS trying to do what the bigger, older kids are doing.  It is ALWAYS causing me heart palpitations.

You love wipes.  And 'cleaning' with them.  The other day you got very muddy playing outside.  You came in showing me your dirty feet and went straight to get a wipe.  You swiped at your foot a time or two, declared it clean and trotted off to throw the 'dirty' wipe in the trash.  You were so proud of yourself and I just had to smile. 

You LOVE the water!  You LOVE the water!  I am so glad and I am so proud of your swimming, but Heavens, Child!  Watching you in the pool wears me out.  You have such a good time but I am always afraid you are just a little too confident. 

You wear the life guards out, too.  They told me.  That's actually true.  It takes a lot of eyes to watch Little Miss.

But you have the time of your life.  You sure do enjoy every day to the fullest, Sweet Thing.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Aaron's 41-Month Interview

What is your name? Aaron
How old are you? Three

What is your favorite color? Blue

Who is your best friend? Daddy

What is your favorite animal? Froggies

What do you want to be when you grow-up? A Fireman!

Who is your favorite person? Daddy

What is your favorite book? Animals

What makes you happy? You! (Pointing to me)

What makes you sad? When I get in trouble

What is your favorite food to eat? Big Boy Cereal

What is your favorite song to sing? Jesus Loves Me
What do you like to play? Turtles

Friday, August 10, 2012


Boy, do I love you!  You are so fun to watch right now.  Every day brings something new.  You are communicating better every day and surprising me with your new words, thoughts and ideas.  You are talking to others a lot more, too.  You used to be pretty vocal just with me and daddy and if anyone else came around you got shy, but you are opening up a bit there.

You still love to watch backhoe videos!  It's what you and Daddy do on Saturday morning and you talk about it all week.  You know that Friday is one day before Saturday, so you get super excited for Friday, too!

You still love to go running with Daddy.  You have been doing it since you were a baby.  Now you run to the lake or the park and you get to get out and play befor Daddy runs you home.  You love Lightening McQueen and Mater, too.  You picked this shirt out yourself at Old Navy (another thing you've loved since you were a baby).

Love have always loved to help and you still get so excited to help someone.  This is you carrying a box to the car that we were donating to the Crisis Pregnancy Center.

Look how big and awkward it is.  You were so pround of carrying it all that way and I was proud of you, too.
You LOVE to protect your sister.  You hold her hand to help her walk and I heard you say the other day, "Now, Abby, this part is going to be a little slippery.  I'll help you.  Just keep holding my hand."

Also, she was running away from me at the pool this week and you would go get her and walk her back to me.  She is much more eager to come when you are with her. 
You are a sweet, sweet boy.  We love you!

Thursday, August 9, 2012


You are such a sweet, fun thing - and you are growing and changing every day!  You like to do whatever your brother is doing.  This is after you crawled up on Daddy's lap because Aaron was watching backhoe videos and you needed to see, too.
You haven't quite gotten the hang of riding his McQueen car, but you hop on it every chance you get!

You had to go for a jog with Daddy because you saw brother do it!  And look at those long legs.  We hear about them a lot.  Most people think you are two years old because you are so tall.

And there's that smile!  We hear about that a lot, too.  It seems that once a day someone comments on your engaging smile.

And the wave!  You wave at everyone.  You give everyone you see a smile and a wave.  And if they don't respond and you aren't strapped into something you will (and I am not making this up) walk up to them and get thisclose to their face and smile and wave and if that doesn't get the reaction you want and I haven't tackled you yet, you will crawl up on the person.  This is true.  My friends get to witness it at parks and pools when I can't always catch you in time.  They love it!
And we love you, Little Miss!  You do keep us hopping and lauging and smiling!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Oh, Aaron!

The things you are saying!  You talked to your daddy on the phone today and when you were done, you handed me the phone and said, "Oh, Dear."

You are so protective of your sister.  You have taken on the job of making sure she doesn't fall, get hurt or cry.  It is a very big job.  If she is out of your sight and starts crying you immediately find the person with her and demand, "What happened?!"

The other day I was about to turn on the mixer and you thought the loud noise would scare Abby so you put your arms around her and told her you would take care of her when the loud noise came.

 My current favorite story goes like this:  The other day you called from the bathroom, "I have a problem in here."  When I walked in, you were standing, surrounded by pee staring at the toilet, shaking your head and saying, "I didn't get very much in there."

Your Grandma Beth is visiting right now and you LOVE her.  It is so fun to watch you enjoying each other.  You can't wait to see her in the morning and you want to be with her all the time.