Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We have a toddler!

 Abigail Elizabeth Allen, you turned 18 months old today.  I can not believe it!  Your growing is making me teary, but we do love to watch that personality develop!  You are fiery, sweet and fun.  We love you!
 You wear a size 24 month clothes, 6 shoes and 4 diaper.  You eat everything.  You love shoes and purses!  I am not making that up.  You are a Mama's Girl right now, but you have your daddy and your brother wrapped around your finger!
We love you, Little Miss!


Beth said...


Anonymous said...

She has her Papa and Dee wrapped around those sweet fingers too!
We are blessed to have you Abigail for our granddaughter.
Love the pictures of you and your blue eyes.
Your brother is not bad either! Hi Aaron!
All our love, Dee & Papa

Laura said...

PRECIOUS pictures! And, yes, they grow up fast!