Friday, August 10, 2012


Boy, do I love you!  You are so fun to watch right now.  Every day brings something new.  You are communicating better every day and surprising me with your new words, thoughts and ideas.  You are talking to others a lot more, too.  You used to be pretty vocal just with me and daddy and if anyone else came around you got shy, but you are opening up a bit there.

You still love to watch backhoe videos!  It's what you and Daddy do on Saturday morning and you talk about it all week.  You know that Friday is one day before Saturday, so you get super excited for Friday, too!

You still love to go running with Daddy.  You have been doing it since you were a baby.  Now you run to the lake or the park and you get to get out and play befor Daddy runs you home.  You love Lightening McQueen and Mater, too.  You picked this shirt out yourself at Old Navy (another thing you've loved since you were a baby).

Love have always loved to help and you still get so excited to help someone.  This is you carrying a box to the car that we were donating to the Crisis Pregnancy Center.

Look how big and awkward it is.  You were so pround of carrying it all that way and I was proud of you, too.
You LOVE to protect your sister.  You hold her hand to help her walk and I heard you say the other day, "Now, Abby, this part is going to be a little slippery.  I'll help you.  Just keep holding my hand."

Also, she was running away from me at the pool this week and you would go get her and walk her back to me.  She is much more eager to come when you are with her. 
You are a sweet, sweet boy.  We love you!


Anonymous said...

Yes, you are a sweet boy!
Dee & Papa love you very much!

Beth said...

He helps picks out earrings too and holds them patiently!:>) He was such a great helper to me in the Claires store.