Sunday, August 12, 2012

More Abby

You love your brother!  You'll pretty much go anywhere if he's holding your hand.  This would not be the case with your mama and daddy.  We routinely deal with your will in such instances.  Aaron doesn't understand what we're doing wrong because you'll do whatever he tells you!

You think you are so big.  The other day you crawled into this seat while I was strapping your bother in his carseat and you didn't want to get out.  You want to sit just like the big people.  You are ALWAYS trying to do what the bigger, older kids are doing.  It is ALWAYS causing me heart palpitations.

You love wipes.  And 'cleaning' with them.  The other day you got very muddy playing outside.  You came in showing me your dirty feet and went straight to get a wipe.  You swiped at your foot a time or two, declared it clean and trotted off to throw the 'dirty' wipe in the trash.  You were so proud of yourself and I just had to smile. 

You LOVE the water!  You LOVE the water!  I am so glad and I am so proud of your swimming, but Heavens, Child!  Watching you in the pool wears me out.  You have such a good time but I am always afraid you are just a little too confident. 

You wear the life guards out, too.  They told me.  That's actually true.  It takes a lot of eyes to watch Little Miss.

But you have the time of your life.  You sure do enjoy every day to the fullest, Sweet Thing.


Anonymous said...

She is a mermaid. A precious mermaid.
We love you Abby, Dee & Papa

Beth said...

I love this post! That photo of her in the car is precious and hilarious!
Seeing her clean up with the wipes, I was reminded of her showing me the tiny speck of dirt on her foot and how she tipped over so far to see the speck on her leg that I told her about and how you and I laughed.
Pics from TX including Aaron with the dustpan and accompanying scripture and prayer are on my post.

Spicy Magnolia said...

Oh, Sara, I've been reading your posts about Aaron and Abby lately and they have been so precious. I love seeing your love for your children. And we can't wait to play with you all this week!