Thursday, August 9, 2012


You are such a sweet, fun thing - and you are growing and changing every day!  You like to do whatever your brother is doing.  This is after you crawled up on Daddy's lap because Aaron was watching backhoe videos and you needed to see, too.
You haven't quite gotten the hang of riding his McQueen car, but you hop on it every chance you get!

You had to go for a jog with Daddy because you saw brother do it!  And look at those long legs.  We hear about them a lot.  Most people think you are two years old because you are so tall.

And there's that smile!  We hear about that a lot, too.  It seems that once a day someone comments on your engaging smile.

And the wave!  You wave at everyone.  You give everyone you see a smile and a wave.  And if they don't respond and you aren't strapped into something you will (and I am not making this up) walk up to them and get thisclose to their face and smile and wave and if that doesn't get the reaction you want and I haven't tackled you yet, you will crawl up on the person.  This is true.  My friends get to witness it at parks and pools when I can't always catch you in time.  They love it!
And we love you, Little Miss!  You do keep us hopping and lauging and smiling!


Anonymous said...

That's our Abby!
We love you, Abby
Love always, dee and Papa

Beth said...

LOL! I missed that little routine. Of course, everyone was responding well to her and her Ohio Grandma was a 'sucker' to that smile and wave! How blessed I feel to have been there with you all for those days!:>) Count me in for next Aug!