Saturday, August 4, 2012

Oh, Aaron!

The things you are saying!  You talked to your daddy on the phone today and when you were done, you handed me the phone and said, "Oh, Dear."

You are so protective of your sister.  You have taken on the job of making sure she doesn't fall, get hurt or cry.  It is a very big job.  If she is out of your sight and starts crying you immediately find the person with her and demand, "What happened?!"

The other day I was about to turn on the mixer and you thought the loud noise would scare Abby so you put your arms around her and told her you would take care of her when the loud noise came.

 My current favorite story goes like this:  The other day you called from the bathroom, "I have a problem in here."  When I walked in, you were standing, surrounded by pee staring at the toilet, shaking your head and saying, "I didn't get very much in there."

Your Grandma Beth is visiting right now and you LOVE her.  It is so fun to watch you enjoying each other.  You can't wait to see her in the morning and you want to be with her all the time.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet boy!
We love you, Dee & Papa