Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Chuck E Cheese

Every summer we meet Ann and her kids at Chuck E Cheese. Her 'kids' are teenagers now, but it's still our thing and they look forward to it.  We went yesterday (Summer of Fun, Day 39).  My kids love hers and Ann and I get to catch up while our kids play together.  We are going to CEC less and less, so I decided to let the kids cash in the tickets we've been saving for six years.  Aaron got a Lego-like set
This is Abigail dancing with Chuck E.  She LOVES that.  She'll stop whatever she's going when Chuck E comes out and she follows along intently.

Aaron had a great time winning tickets this time
We cashed Abigail's tickets in for a giant princess coloring book that she has been loving



Where's Abigail?
It was a fun time!


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