Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Vacation pictures overwhelm me.  I posted about the Myrtle Beach trip we took last year last week.  I still haven't posted last year's Sea World Trip.
But it did really bother me when I realized I didn't put our vacation stuff in last year, so I am going to try to plow through this year's.
Grandpa Tom and Grandma Sheri take my brothers and I on an amazing family vacation with all of our kids and spouses in the summers.  It is awesome on so many levels. And the kids talk about for weeks before and weeks after.
All these pictures are from the first day of the trip (Sunday June 16 - Father's Day).
My brothers drove to the beach and got there several hours after we did.  We flew in.
These pictures are SOOO out of order, but they are on here, so...
Dad and Sheri picked us up at the airport and we ran through Burger King because it was lunch time.  It was the most confusing and long fast food experience ever, but it gave us lots of funny stories.
We went back to the condos and the kids ate on the balcony in their grandparents room and watched the ocean.  Aaron could not wait to get in the sand, but we went to our room and took a nap first.
Afterwards they had a lot of great beach time with just us and their grandparents.  The kids had a blast.  You could tell they only see the beach once a year!
These two pictures were at the airport before we flew out.
This is lunch.
After beach time we cleaned up and headed to dinner.  We met my brothers and their kids there as they were getting to town right at dinner time.
The above is outside the restaurant.  Aaron loves a good fountain!
Dillon was there, too.  Not sure why he didn't make an appearance in my diner photos.
After dinner looking out from the parking garage!

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