Monday, August 26, 2013

Meet the Teacher

On Friday Morning we had Aaron's Meet the Teacher Day. Abby was super excited, too!
I really kept stalling on going because I am so unprepared for him to actually be in school but he is ready and excited.
It was a really good morning and I love his teacher.

She graduated with Mandi and Julie
The classroom was great

Aaron is in Pre-K at the Elementary School so he will eat in the cafeteria, play on the play ground and do all kinds of big things.  We are excited for him and he has been talking about this for months.
This was pretty much our day of fun for day 29 because afterwards we met Tara at Southlake Town Square for some errands and that mostly wrapped up the day.
But I did order pizza that night which Aaron has been begging me to do for, like, ever.  So that made it a pretty cool day of fun.

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