Sunday, August 18, 2013

Thirty-one Days of Fun, Days 22-24

Friday was such a crazy day!  When we woke up it was 68 degrees and raining.  We had one of the most pleasant weekends weather-wise ever and it was in the middle of August.

The kids took full advantage of the mud.

Aaron also traced his hand (on top, I did the bottom one) and sent this picture to his Daddy

 Abby wore a long sleeve dress that day and was Loving the starts on her ties.
On Saturday we had Sunday School friends over to cook out and Abby colored this picture on my phone and saved it as a picture.
Sunday was SO fun.  Aaron helped grill for the first time.  Jory walked him through all of the steps.

He was so proud to have made the hamburgers.

Abby mixed the ground beef with all the ingredients for burgers so she was super proud to have made the burgers, too!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Sunday!

Dee & Papa love you (at the lake)