Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Thirty-one Days of Fun, Days 10-12

I still don't have my camera back and any pictures that involve moving children (all of them) are blurry on my phone.

On Sunday we went straight from church to pick Daddy and Mr. Toby up at the airport.  That was a Day of Fun, Indeed.  The kids were SO excited to see their daddy and tell him EVERYTHING he'd missed.  (Plus we like going to the airport).

On Mondays the local movie theatre does $2 movies for toddlers.  They have special kids snack packs and booster seats and it's a great experience since it is geared completely to toddlers and everyone in the theatre has at least one young child. This Monday was March of the Penguins and the kids loved it. I was so glad that Aaron was there to narrate because there were a lot of details that Morgan Freeman missed like "Those are penguins! It's snowing!  That sound is wind!  That's a BABY PENGUIN!" Oy.

After the movie we went to pick up Abby's very first doll house
 Which has produced sooo much play time for everyone.
 She even wanted to skip a meal to play (!)
On Tuesday we went to the mall because I had a few things to return.
 Aaron got pretzels which are absolutely all he needs to make a Day of Fun.

 This is him dancing in Old Navy.  The general public is so glad when I am out with my kids.
But, THEN, oh my GOODNESS!
 We rode the Mall Train!  Just color this boy Happy!

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Anonymous said...

So much summer fun!

Love you, Dee & Papa