Friday, December 12, 2014

The Second Week of December, Part One

 I already posted about Jogging for Johnson last Saturday, but we got the race photos this week and I was so proud.  This is Aaron at the finish line. 

 A little earlier you can see Abigail (kind of) in the stroller.  She was still Dressing for December, but just in a red shirt and pants since she'd be in a stroller.  Also on Saturday I had posted about Julie and mine's foray into sales with our Crock Pot Planner.  We have now bound and sold 100 books.  We're not sure where we will go from here.

On Sunday morning, we took two cars to church because I needed to do some things early.  Abigail came with me.  This is her eating her Olaf.  She will do anything for a laugh.  She's very class clown-like.  She figured out how to hang her toothbrush off her lip and couldn't wait to see everyone laugh!

 After church we went out to eat because I had a baby shower at the house right after that and I thought that would be easier.  We met the Elliotts at Snappy Salads. 
Abigail was dressing for December in a dress I love that I've had for a long time.  I'm hoping to get another year out of it, too.

I loved showering Sweet Alise at my house!

 On Monday Abigail wore a dress that's too small, but I love it.  Definitely can't get another year out of this.  Her teacher called me on Monday to tell me she had her best day EVER.  They got a new student that day and Abigail was wonderful with him.



 Monday night we met a bunch of our friends at CFA because the Huffmans are in town! 
Abigail wore a new dress from Grnadma Sheri that she loves.  She has worn it A LOT already. 
 Aaron ordering by himself.  I'm so proud of him.  Abigail also went to order water by herself and did a great job and said please!

 Tuesday, also in a dress that won't make it another year.



 I did our November scrapbook page for each of the kids Tuesday.  What a festive November we had!



 Tuesday night was the Angel Dinner at church and the kids got to play in Paradise Pond. 
Abigail tried every dress up costume they had!

Wednesday we had some reindeer action!


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