Thursday, January 16, 2014

The last few days

Jory was out of town all weekend so the kids and I were on our own.  On Saturday we met Kristi in Roanoke to do some pictures for their birthdays.  Aaron is having a fire truck party and I thought it would be fun to get a few shots of him in his fire fighter outfit for the invitations.  Kristin took him to the fire station.

Abby had her pictures made in front of a candy shop in Roanoke.  It was super cute.  While she was waiting she road this toy car at the shop.

After naps we had to go pick up snacks for Aaron's class.  Yes, he is wearing a PJ shirt.  Because that's what he picked out.  He doesn't have any concept of the difference between pajamas and other clothes.  The other day I said something about one of Abby's Pajama Shirts.  He asked me why I was calling it a Pajama Shirt.  To him, it's just a shirt.  Suitable for all times.

The kids did fantastic at swim on Monday.  They have one more week of this semester and I can't believe the changes in their swimming. 

Aaron had to swim in clothes for survival swimming.

At school on Tuesday with some of his class snacks.
On Wednesday Abby and I ran around while Aaron was at school.  We had our weekly lunch with him and then dropped by Julie's parents house to see her (and pick up some more clothes for Abigail). 

Today Aaron helped me make a cake for a group tonight.  He really loves to help in the kitchen!

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