Saturday, January 25, 2014

PJ Party

We had a Preschool PJ Party with the Pastor last night. Abby was so excited to dress herself.  She chose her Hello Kitty PJs, a tutu (because she wears a tutu to bed every night.  seriously.), Minnie Mouse slippers and  a big pink bow.  Bless her. 
The party was at Paradise Pond where she was able to find some Princess High Heels to complete the ensemble.
Aaron chose his Dusty PJs even though I really felt that we had cuter, weather appropriate PJ Party options.  At some point, clearly, I gave up on both the kids and they all got lots of compliments.  Curiously, everyone assumed they had dressed themselves.  Aaron spent the evening running around with a sword.  seriously.
 Cookies and milk.  Abby was later found sitting by herself finishing her cookie while the rest of the kids were long gone.  Bless her.  She likes to savor her food.
 Story time!  The Pastor read the kids a book and Aaron Could NOT wait for this part.  He loves his books!

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