Saturday, January 11, 2014

Leaving the Ship

Aaron pulled our heaviest suitcase on the morning of departure.  He was so proud and so many people stopped to tell him how impressed they were.


We stopped at Cracker Barrel in Galveston.  We did Express Departure, so we got off the boat before breakfast and we had to wake the kids up, but we got home at lunch time so that was nice.

The travel to and from Galveston was really uneventful.  We were so glad that we were able to take a cruise within driving distance.  This was Disney's last cruise from Texas, but Royal Caribbean is sailing out of there starting next month and there are three other lines, as well.  So, we don't think this was our last cruise, though we have no idea how we will explain to the kids that Mickey isn't on every ship! Seriously, they were at the perfect ages to be so taken with Mickey and Minnie.  Grandma Sheri bought them each a Mickey (or Minnie) doll and they have not let them go!  So Fun!

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