Saturday, August 23, 2014

Summer of Fun Continues

We went to the Elliott's last night because I needed to take her chicken for a party she's having tonight.  My friends and I are wildly codependent.  While I was there I realized her husband was at Home Depot and I had her call him to get me something.  Seriously.   Aaron is wearing winter PJs that don't fit him.  And it was over 100 degrees with something like 90% humidity.  At some point I think he was begging for water. 
 Julie and I did the Ice Bucket Challenge which our kids thought was fabulous. 
 My kids cleaned her pool and then played on the swing set and then I made them go home for bed.  It was a beautiful afternoon of co-non-parenting.
 Today we had a Family Fun Saturday at the Dallas Arboretum.  I went once on a friend's pass when Aaron was a baby, but Jory has never been because it's super expensive and kind of far.  But we found out that in August it's only a dollar because NO ONE would willingly walk around outside in Texas in August.  Jory was all over this.  We went when it opened and we had a FABULOUS time.  It was really, really neat and Aaron was so interested in everything. 


We only made it through half of the main gardens which are right on White Rock Lake and the view is beautiful.





 We also went to the Children's Gardens which were fabulous and had so many activities for the kids.  This is story time.
 We saw about 3/4 of the kids' gardens.


Aaron was powering machinery by squirting water.

A netted trampoline type thing on a tree house

Afterwards, we drove through White Rock Lake Park and had lunch at La Madeline by SMU

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