Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Aaron's Monthly Interview

Not a lot changed this month.  He did replace Legos with Dusty as his favorite thing to play, but I'd say they are pretty equal.  He's flying Dusty around the playroom at this moment, but he was playing Legos right before that.  He loves books and he loves to read and be read to.  He loves the library.  He loves workout videos.  Shaun T is his current favorite, though he likes Jillian Michels a lot, too.  He'll put them in and just watch them, but he loves to do them with Jory or I.  He likes to help - he makes meals, mops the floor.  He is working on finding a balance with his sister.  Luckily she usually welcomes his help, but not always.  He does love her very much, though.  I would not say that he has a best friend his age at this point, though that may change this year.  His social group is his Sunday School class, but I don't know that I'd pick a specific person out of that as his number one.  He loves the bible and he memorizes a new verse almost every day. 
What is your name? Aaron

How old are you? Five

What is your favorite color? Blue

Who is your best friend? You

What is your favorite animal? Elephant

What do you want to be when you grow-up? Lightening McQueen

Who is your favorite person? You

What is your favorite book? Dusty

What makes you happy? When I get ice cream

What makes you sad? When I get spanked

What is your favorite food to eat? Oatmeal

What is your favorite song to sing? The Cars Song

What do you like to play?  Dusty

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