Sunday, August 24, 2014

Summer of Fun in Review

So, I decided to do something fun every day this summer - little things like PJ Day and sno cones and big things like family trips.  We didn't make every single day, and there were some misses:  We never went to Dove Pool which the kids really want to do and we actually never went to the park in our neighborhood.  And there are some things that will be better to do when they are a bit older:  Movie under the Stars at Hey Sugar, Medieval Times...but we did do a lot of fun stuff.

We swam a Dee and Papa's and Grandad and Mimi's and the Elliott's and the Cotton's and the Huffman's and the Lott's and the McAdams.  We met Daddy for meals.  We had ice cream and snocones.  We went to the library a lot. 

We had visits from Uncle Doug and Grandma Beth.  We had Movie Day and PJ Day.  We planted vegetables and picked tomatoes.  We went on a cruise (which Aaron says was the best part of Summer).  We got popsicles from the Ice Cream Truck. 

We made mud and went to Chuck E Cheese and played at our friends' houses.  We went to Central Market and visited Aunt Susan at the Museum of Art in Fort Worth. 

We went to the movie theatre, the botanical gardens (in three cities) and a splash park in Dallas. 

We went to the splash pad, the Disney store and two aquariums.  We took gymnastics and swim and we saw fireworks. 

We went to Farmers Markets, the Perot Museum and birthday parties.  We built legos and saw airplanes. 

We read more books than you can ever imagine.  We made up games and played them. 

We had a fabulous summer.  We are looking forward to a fabulous school year and another Summer of Fun in 2015.

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KD Li said...

I'm totally coming to see you next summer that sounds amazing cuz! My baby second cousins are so beautiful and you make the best momma! So here's to summer '14!