Thursday, August 7, 2014

Random Pictures

 We've had so much good fresh produce this summer.  Jory grilled Bok Choy a few weeks ago

Roasted root vegetables


I'm not sure I love anyone this much, but I thought this was cute

What happens when Daddy's out of town


When Aaron was in school he made a 'bird feeder' that I had on this blog a few months ago.  While Jory was out of town, he decided to make another one.  He walked me through every single step - drawing it, coloring, it, cutting it out, gluing cheerios, attaching string and hanging it.  I can't believe his attention to detail.
 The other day I was watching Abigail kiss her baby doll and I thought, 'girls are so different than boys.  Aaron never did anything like that.'  And then, that night, I found her outside digging with her trucks.  She didn't want to stop digging!


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