Friday, March 29, 2013

Random Pictures of Aaron

I took a picture of Abby the other day before we left because I thought it was funny how bundled up she was (that picture is in a later post, I'm kind of backwards) and Aaron wanted his picture taken, too.
We met Katie Grace and Jackson (and a bunch of other kids) at Gateway for a play date Monday.

Aaron reading a book to Asa Vande Zande's son, Asa.  Melt my heart!

Aaron got a 'hurtie' and he wanted me to take a picture of the band aid and text it to his daddy.
I was in charge of the craft for Aaron's Easter Party at school.  So I wrote a check.  To Amy Hayes who did the cookies for both of our kids' birthday parties.  She gave me this adorable basket with a fresh baked cookie for each kid, tubes of icing and different types of decorations.  The kids LOVED it.

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Beth said...

What a cool idea! I'm sure the kids were thrilled and that would be a fun craft to do with them.
I liked the sentence, "So I wrote a check." :>)