Monday, March 4, 2013

Pictures Aaron took (with my phone)

 And some funny things Aaron has said lately.  "I have to take this sweater off so I can play the piano.  Is there a shirt underneath it?"  "No." "So I'll just be wearing my belly?"
 "Abby, Nice Askly" (I think he was going for 'ask nicely' and got a little tangled up).
 "When I was a baby, was Abby a boy?" "No, she wasn't here when you were a baby" "Where was she?" "God hadn't made her yet."  "Oh!  So she was in heaven with God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit."


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Beth said...

LOL at all of Aaron's comments although the comment that Abby was (waiting)in heaven with God, and Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is definitely an "Ahhhh! How sweet!"
Wearing the belly one is funny, but for some reason, I got tickled the most at "Abby, nice askly." :>)