Saturday, March 30, 2013

Random Pictures of Abby

We were supposed to go to an Easter Egg hunt on Monday, but it got cancelled because of the freeze (!), so we had a play date at Gateway's Indoor Play Area.  I thought it was funny that on the day we were supposed to be hunting for eggs Abby was wearing a turtleneck under her sundress, a winter coat, thick tights and a hood!
We made Abby have a major clothes trying session last weekend so we could se just how far we are from her fitting into a lot of the clothes we thought she'd be wearing now.
I got her Easter dress right after Easter last year.  I got a 2T because, you know, she would be two and that's what two year olds wear.  It looks huge.  I'm afraid to try it on her.  We are just going to roll with it.
Ummm...I did not do this.  Abby LOVES these shoes from Grandma Sheri.  She thinks they go with everything.  And the headband?  She did that.  She went to Walmart like this.  Yes, she did.
Daddy dressed his Little Aggie this day.  He even put the marroon bow in her hair!
Our Monday Play Date at Gateway.  We arrived at the same time as Katie Grace.
Abby loves her lotion!
At Gateway with Julie Elliott
At school Thursday.  Her teacher took this and sent it to me.  She had an Easter Egg Hunt at school so she has on her Bunny Dress.
This is back to Gateway with Drew Cate.  Random uploading of pictures.
At school on Thursday posing for the camera.


Beth said...

Am sitting here chuckling. She's got the 70s hippie look going on there with that head band and shoes.
You were so easy going about clothes--whatever I laid out worked for you, so it was a shock when your brother became quite opinionated about clothes at the age of 5. He's always been the fashion conscious one.

Beth said...

Love that bunny dress by the way and the navy dotted jumper is cute too.