Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Third Day of School



 The kids had another good day.  We had Sunday School Supper Club at the Splash Pad last night so they didn't wake up and spring out of bed like the other days.  It was a long day because we had assessments after school and they couldn't nap.  And I have a meeting at church in a little bit so they are about to get drug out again!

Their literacy assessments went really well.  Aaron's reading on a 4th Grade level.  His teacher is very impressed with him on an academic, emotional and social level.  Abigail is reading on a 1st Grade level.  Her teacher (and her bus driver) is working on getting her to stay in her seat.  Sigh.  I hope they figure it out. 


 This was Aaron telling Abigail how to get to her class this morning.  She took me right there at assessment so I think she's got it now.




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