Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Phone Pictures

I guess I just purge my phone every few weeks now, but school starts Monday (!) so I imagine my daily picture taking will resume!

Abigail chose her cake for her birthday.  She actually chose it at least a month ago.  She loves to plan her birthdays!
 She loves to read and has gotten quite good
 I just love this!  We love laughing about our friends' reaction to this cake
 Broken collarbone :( He's doing much better, but still restricted for quite a while.
 A friend gave us this for Andrew!
 Our first baby gift!

Slim Chickens NRH Family Night before their grand opening!

A new bathing suit from Janice
 Just shopping at CVS

I organized Aaron's room last week and made room for Andrew
 Abigail and I went to Grapevine mills mall last week because Stride Rite was closing and we got some good deals
 Andrew's Easter Outfit which I found at a consignment sale!  Julie had a matching dress for Abigail1
 Andrew's closet has begun!
 At the consignment sale I got Sis a Strawberry Shortcake Cookbook and we have had such fun with the recipes!
 Our annual week before school Chuck E Cheese visit where we cash in all of our tickets from the summer.  Aaron got a dart gun!




Our favorite toy store is closing!  We went to scope out the deals!

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