Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The End of April

Wednesday April 24, 2013
We were home during the day and it was cool in the morning so Abby was in long sleeves.  The weather has been very up and down here.

In the afternoon we went to the park and we met Daddy at Chick-Fil-A

Thursday April 25, 2013
I don't have any pictures from this day, but Jory had a local appointment in the morning so he left later than he would have if he was going into the office.  It is always nice when Daddy gets to hang out with us in the morning.

Friday April 26, 2013
We had a doctor's appointment to look at Abby's allergies.  I love this picture of the kids looking at the fish!

That was also our anniversary and this was my present (and a nice dinner!).
Saturday April 27, 2013
In the morning Grandad and Jory took Aaron to Bass Pro and Little Miss stayed home with me.
I love how cute this outfit is. It is one of the ones that Julie bought at the consignment sale.  I think she just needs to do my shopping from now on!  
I went to a Ladies Luncheon at church with Leslie Cotton and Jory and Grandad took the kids to lunch.  Apparently it was really fun and no pictures were taken.  After naps we took the kids back to Bass Pro. Family Fun Saturday!
Sunday April 28, 2013
I somehow took no pictures on Sunday which is weird.

Monday April 29, 2013
We met some friends at Chuck E Cheese in the morning

Abby woke up from nap before Aaron and was outside reading an American Girl Catalog.  Trouble!
I LOVE this summer dress Grandma Sheri gave her for her birthday.

Tuesday April 30, 2013
Aaron checking the engine of his backhoe.

Abby playing under our patio table.
She loves to crawl under there and say, "hello!" As a side note, we got new patio furniture from a friend who was getting rid of hers.  It is a long table with six chairs.  What's really funny, though, is that the kids keep telling me how much they love the new table.

Another cute outfit from Julie's shopping spree.

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