Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Everyone had a fantastic day today.  Sis had her last swim lesson
 And then she and Andrew and I met Kim for lunch
That rattle was Jory's

 Sis got a major hair cut.  Two weeks ago she had her first real haircut - she got four inches cut off and it's the first time she hasn't just had her ends trimmed.  Honestly you couldn't even tell.  Today she went and got two more cut off and it was still pretty long so we did two more.  You can definitely tell now!



I took one million pictures of Andrew while Sissy was getting her hair cut because he's just so cute and I now understand how I end up with 400 pictures to download in a month






 The haircut came with a free nail painting.  WHAT?!?

And a ring

And Aaron face timed tonight with news of an amazing event they held tonight where many local women came to Christ.  He was thrilled.  They have had a wonderful trip already!

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