Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer of Fun, Catch Up

Thursday was Day 42, but Thursdays have been hard.  We are at church all morning for Bible Study and then it's lunch and naps and errands, but FRIDAY...on Day 43, we went to see Disney Planes"  Fire and Rescue the day it opened.  I got a FABULOUS picture of the kids before we went in, but then the camera battery died, I lost the picture and everything else was with my phone.  Sigh.
Before the movie.  Excited, much?  He stayed until the very last credit rolled.


Telling Grandad all about it on the phone.
On Saturday, we took the kids to a very cool park in Dallas.
 They had a fabulous time!

There are library carts and the kids loved that

 Daddy read them a book
 Then we spent a day working outside at home.


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