Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer of Fun, Day 31

 Sunday may have been the best Summer of Fun day yet!  The kids bought seeds to plant and they just had a blast.  Aaron, especially, loves that sort of thing.  He has planted several things this year. 

Aaron picked Pumpkins (!), chives and forget-me-nots (which he thinks are blue bonnets).  Abigail picked Sunflowers (!), basil and spinach 

Aaron's chives are in a pot and his flowers are in a bed and his pumpkins are in a really big planter. 

We had to find a place big enough for Abigail's sunflowers.  Her other too are in a side garden.

 Aaron worked so hard digging

They used their own tools.

We can't wait to see their efforts pay off, but they are already so proud!

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