Sunday, July 13, 2014

Summer of Fun

So we missed some some of Fun days this week.  Thursday, which would have Day 35, we had bible study and errands.  Saturday (Day 37) Jory and I were at his Grandmother's funeral most of the day.  The kids stayed with Miss Michelle which may have been big fun, but I don't have proof and Mommy and Daddy were way too tired that evening to have Summer Fun.  Today is Day 38 and we have yet to have Summer Fun (unless you count church), because Abigail has been sleeping since we got home today.  I guess I shouldn't give up yet.  We did notice on one of these days that the kids' plants all have blooms and it has been very exciting to keep up with all of that.  And on Friday, we did have Summer of Fun Day 36 because we met Ann at Chuck E Cheese.  We do this every summer and it's so fun.  My kids love hanging with the big kids who love taking care of them and Ann and I just sit and chat!

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