Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Gaylord

These pictures will be fantastically out of order because they were taken on three different devises.

Every year we take the kids to the Gaylord for a day at the holidays (which starts mid-November at the Gaylord).  We pretty much have to go this weekend because the first weekend is nuts and every weekend from Thanksgiving on is nuts and December is just plain nuts!  (Busy. Crowded. Crazy.) We picked Abigail's dress and then spent the rest of the day trying to get a good picture in it.  Fail.  But it is GORGEOUS and was given to us!
We always get a picture with Santa at the Gaylord!
And I always swear we aren't doing ICE! because it costs so much for such a short experience, but the kids love it and I found a good discount and Jory said we had to.
Loved this giant snow globe made from ice.  You could see yourself in it.


Waiting to get our Santa pictures
Giant present

Back to ICE!  These are some of the pictures the Gaylord gives you




Yeah, I don't know




Look!  There's a cave!


Aaron could watch the train at the Gaylord for days
Abigail and the fish






More train watching

This was looking at the river

Back to waiting to see Santa.  Aaron asked for a Marble Tower.  Abigail wanted a candy cane.






Frosty in Ice
Abigail was very into it this year.  She could have stayed a lot longer.  Aaron got over the cold a bit quicker.  It is 8 degrees.



Melted Frosty in Ice

Aaron loved the ice fire
Aaron on an ice train
Abigail coming down an ice slide


And Aaron
The kids loved the slides

Love this!

Waiting to go into Ice!  I didn't even try to arrange these








Really waiting to go into ICE!.  Before we even got our parkas.



When we first arrived

Abigail so wanted her picture made here

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