Monday, November 10, 2014

Phone Pictures

 I took this last week when we were at the Sunday School Supper Club.  I don't know where everyone else was when I took it.  Below was one of her weekly charts.  She's been working so hard!

Oh, here's the Supper Club!  Our Sunday School pairs a few families together each month to have supper.  This month we went to Palio's Pizza.  It was perfect for the kids.  There is an outside area where they ran around after dinner.  But we had just gotten back from Florida and Abigail curled up on my lap and FELL ASLEEP.  Crazy!
 Aaron's scrap book page from October!
 Aaron made the Shoe Tying Club at school.  He has been working SO hard on learning to tie his shoes!  He is super proud!


 I babysat Jackson today.  He had fun with the toy box!

And my first Christmas decoration is up!  LOVE.

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