Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Florida, Day Two

 These are a little out of order since the top picture was actually taken at night on the second day.  The kids got big activity books and they are so into them.  They are doing them as I type this.
 The kids got up early every day and Abigail could not wait to get to swimming.  She couldn't even sit still for breakfast.  She would swim for about an hour before Aaron even got started. 


We went to the zoo this day.  We stopped at Cracker Barrel first, but those pictures are later. 

 This was a super fun zoo and we even rode a camel!

 Cracker Barrel picture, Aaron learning to play checkers.


That night we ordered pizza and while Abigail swam again, Aaron and Grandpa carved a pumpkin.  Aaron is SOOOO proud of this pumpkin!



We put a candle in it! 



More checker pictures





 A really fun second day!

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