Friday, November 21, 2014

Some pictures

This is from last weekend at brunch
The kids had grandparents lunches for Thanksgiving this week.  Aaron's was on Friday, Abigail's was on Thursday (the opposite days from their class parties).  So, John and Kim drove over her two days in a row and at cafeteria turkey and dressing!
Abigail waiting for Aaron to get his hair cut Thursday


The doctor's on Thursday.  They seemed so big to me sitting up on the table by themselves.  I took Aaron to the Huffman's this week and I watched him get out of the car by himself and walk to the door and knock and wait and he looked so big I could barely understand it.


At the park today

I babysat Asa today and he PASSED OUT.  I ran that kid hard.  Abigail did his night night and it was precious.

I picked the cake to make for our Sunday School Christmas Party.

Aaron earned ice cream again and he really wanted to get it at Baskin Robbins since they only have Camo ice cream and Camo cones through November.




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