Thursday, November 20, 2014

Phone pictures

The library started a builders club on Monday afternoons for ages 5 and up.  It's free play, but there are a lot of building items and stations to choose from - way more than I could have at home!  Aaron enjoys it and Abigail and I roam the library.
Our Sunday School class had a guys night out at an archery place in Roanake.  Jory said it was super fun and now he needs a bow.
And he won husband of the year when he sent this.  We are hosting our Sunday School Christmas Party.  Of course we are.

A kale and Brussels salad that I thought was really good.

Abigail has been working SO hard at school.  It EXHAUSTS her, bless her sweet heart, but she is giving it her all.
On Saturday we had to pick something up in the Bishop Arts District and we LOVE The restaurants over there.  We have tried several, but there are SO many.  We tried a new one and they had Eggs Benedict with BACON instead of ham, on BISCUITS instead of an English muffin and with GRAVY added.  All of my FAVORITE things in one place. Well, except for cheese.

This is a horrible picture but Abigail loves her hooded sweaters that Grandma Beth sends.
And Kim got her a new outfit


And Aaron too

This is a permission slip complete with two emergency numbers and my insurance information that will allow Abigail to go to a trampoline park with a bunch of three year olds.  The chances of that going well???
And here she is in her Sunday best - and I do mean BEST to go to the grocery store because I asked her to try to dress herself.  Aaron chose a long-sleeved green Carroll Dragons t-shirt and blue and white checkered shorts.
This was my funny for the week.  Julie said to tell him to go for the 5K with both kids and a stroller.  Bless it.


Abigail has decided to have a Minnie Mouse party again next year, but this one should be purple, please.  We have been looking at cakes.

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